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Missing Emails - BT don't want to know

It seems this has been a problem for some people before where emails just disappear from their inbox for now reason at all, never to be seen again.  BT's "help" is all based towards user error, and if that isn't the problem there is nothing they can do to help.

I "lost" exactly 1 weeks worth of emails yesterday - they were in my inbox when I logged in in the morning, and "gone"  when I logged in in the afternoon.  I work on the server directly, not through an email client.  THey aren't in drafts, or spam, or junk, or any other folder.  I have searched through all of my folders and there is nothing.  I had some extremely important emails relating to my Father's estate, as he recently passed away, along with some others.  This has only impacted emails in my inbox, and not anything I have filed into a folder.

I pay for BT Premium (currently subject to big questions due to exhorbitant costs) and yet they can "lose" a weeks worth of my emails and don't give a toss. 

Do BT even bother looking at this or is it just disgruntled BT users that post here.  Some explanation would be appreciated, or even some form of investigation by BT to see if there has been a problem on their side!

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