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Missing sent emails

I have encountered a problem with my sent emails.

They appear almost in full on my iPhone Mail but apart from emails sent from Feb 2021 and earlier, they don’t appear on either the Mail app or the web Mail app when I access them on my iPad.

It also now seems that any emails I send from my iPad don’t appear as sent on my iPhone, and vice versa. Also, this also applies to the web based app.

I have tried the web based app on iPhone, my iPad and my wife’s iPad, all three are missing most of my sent emails.

I had a lengthy call with BT today having spoken to first BT then Apple, the problem has been escalated as they have not been able to so far help.

I am on IMAP and using the correct Mail servers.

This issue appears to have started yesterday evening. My iPhone was on charge overnight but I am convinced the issue occurred before then.

Has anyone else has this problem in the recent past, if so how was it resolved? Thanks.

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