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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

yes - it's dire and is making working from home even more stressful than it already is.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Just to add my voice to say that I hate the new version and in the hope that someone at BT will listen. I can't see that anything has been improved and so much is worse. Apart from general slowness and generally confused layout, I hate that it is now such an effort to find the right contacts when starting a new message, the way atachments are shown and that I can't get a spell check to work. Worst of all it that I often get no text coming up after hitting the return key to start a new paragraph. The Premium Mail help desk was no help at all, and they claimed I had been told (by email!!!) about this change, but I wasn't.

If anyone at BT is listening, please change it back!

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Just to put some of the speed issues in perspective, I've had one of my email accounts open in webmail for around 1hr as I deal with things. Finished, I go to log-out in the usual fashion. The log-out spinning wheel has now been spinning for 5 minutes.

I go to deal with something else, logging in to another email account in a second tab. It takes around 15 seconds to load the page after log-in. It's taking anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds to load a message. 10 minutes later I've finished working on that account, so I log out which happens instantly.

However if I go back to the previous tab and the first account I was viewing the log-out wheel is still spinning and has been for over 20 minutes!! About a minute later that log-out finally completes.

Behaviour can be quite random.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I have just e-mailed a formal complaint to the CEO of BT Consumer highlighting the dire situation with the migration to the 'new, improved' BT Mail service - what tipped it for me was the SPAM operation highlighted by a number of users !

I have proposed that :

- the migration is halted until the new service has been proven to be more stable.

- a senior manger takes this issue on - all best will to SeanD but we need to have true transparency and real ownership of the issues. 

- there should be direct communication with all affected, and potentially affected users.

I will keep you advised of any response - I am holding my breath!


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I suspect that BT has wholly under-speced and under-provided its mail server needs - I find that even clients that used to be pretty quick are now struggling to refresh BT emails - and the actual Web Mail service is dire and getting direr. And its worsening as more poor fools are switched over. Anybody who actually ran its business over BT Mail would be completely ruined by now - if you are writing to a fellow do please remember that your message will probably have been sent to SPAM, even if you are a regular correspondent. I now tell people to contact me via my gmail address - at least those go through.
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Re: Major email problems with yesterday upgrade

Today I spent nearly 1.5 hrs, waiting to get through and finally talking to four different people.

As has just been said people are working from home so we can do without this email hassle.

Today I'm working on an email and then one pops into my inbox. I put the one i'm working on into the drafts and I click on it, nothing other than the grey box appears "loading" email. Then after about 30 secs an error box appears telling me that the email I attempted to open has been moved by another device....I have no other device. Ultimately I have to close my web mail and re open it. Even then it takes ages to repopulate the screen.

I phone BT because this is yet another problem to add to the list.

It was suggested that I try various things, including other browsers, which I have already done for the other issues, none of which have been solved by changing browsers.

I pointed out that this was like buying a new car and finding that it doesn't run properly and for the garage to tell me that my recently bought Shell petrol could be the problem so try a different petrol.

I also asked how come my online banking can work with any browser.

This all reminds me of a few years back when any call to BT was taken by BT india. I thought we had moved on from that level of incompetence but it seems we have not. And sadly nothing will happen in the near future of that I am sure.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

To the person above who has emailed the CEO....good luck with that. Some few years back I got to pulling my hair out over an issue and for anyone who knows me they would realise that I need every bit of hair I manage to grow....

So I wrote a long letter to BT CEO and sent it recorded delivery. It was signed for.

A month goes by and nothing. I write a second letter to BT CEO enclosing a copy of the first. It was signed for.

Another month and nothing. I write a third and get a call back.

The first letter they had. The second was lost somewhere. So I pointed out that this didn't explain why I never got a reply to the first.

The answer supplied was because they had heard nothing further after my first letter they assumed all was fine......

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

In my experience write to The Chairman, not the CEO and copy it to the head of Ofcom and your MP. Point out the issues of a virtual monopoly service provider (broadband with email). It becomes a flag case. The Chairman's Office, not the Chairman, of course, will be tasked to get a reply because of the copyees.
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Re: BT web mail log in

I reported (above) that I was being locked out of signing in an E-Mail client to bypass BT's own disastrous WebMail whilst using a VPN - (Nord, in fact). Following advice from Nord I turned off their Cyber Security ('blocks ad and malicious websites') switch - it seems (my best interpretation) that rather than BT keeping me out because I was using a VPN, it was Nord who doubted BT's own security and site, and was keeping me off it for my own safety. Amusing (probably not) that BT's servers may worry VPN security algorithms.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Same here I will not use BT email once I inform my contacts. I am changing to Gmail and I will also change my broadband server  I am afraid BT does not deserve loyalty 

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