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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Whilst looking at other threads relating to VPN.  I noticed that on the thread 'BT Yahoo Email Blocking VPN?' there is an early response from Simon-D ( BT Mail Expert) with accompanying BT logo so there are real BT people apart from SeanD who read these posts !

However they seem to be noticeably absent from advising our community of 'botched migration' sufferers! 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Disgraceful that you even tried this during a COVID emergency when we need to keep in touch. I have spent hours and hours sorting out a group emails, lost in the redesign along with many recent email addresses.   Not sure what happened to the AOL addresses as they all came up under the letter A !   It's as if all the addresses have been thrown up in the air and landed - some blown away.

I rang the helpline and pleaded not to be cut off but if I was, requested a call back but nobody did. The first lady said oh yes I can help you - I was so pleased then got cut off.   I rang again, mainly about the disappearance of my two main groups and I did indicate that I was absolutely disgusted when advised nothing could be done. So false hope on the first call and no hope on the second and then told "have a nice evening!"

A serious issue for me is that the pale grey used for things such as the arrows in unreadable...can't see where to change this in settings - perhaps someone could advise please.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Maybe that's why they go to spam?
Just a thought. 😉


I was referring to the multiple notifications of a new post, which someone said was totally unnecessary

A 'reply' to a post doesn't have much relevance if it doesn't link back, does it!

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I'm sorry, but BT, this is beyond terrible.

My contacts were stored in my BT account. Removing my BTYahoo account and replacing it with the native BT account on my iPhone has removed all the contacts from my phone with NO option to re add them with your service. I now face hours of going through and typing them in manually.

Now I've lost calendar and contact sync with my phone I'm effectively LESS service than I had last month and LESS service than I pay for.

One reason for sticking with BT was my existing email service. It certainly isn't the quality of your broadband. This makes the decision much easier.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

If we had had any warning of this debacle we could at least have saved and exported our contacts for other apps. As it is our data was stolen and expunged without warning. Of course we have known that BT was intending to move to a new system, that's been promised for years, but we didn't know when we had to save our data for it to be up to date. And I certainly didn't think that BT would do such wilful and stupid damage. The least they could do is to stop cutting more people over. To carry on now looks like they really have no regard at all for their customers. Well, I'm sure we reciprocate.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

So, the latest disaster I've discovered with the new platform is that if I write an email it shows it as having come from long and very hard to memorise  address that I've never used rather than the short, neat address that I've had for years. I've just made my fourth call to the Premium Mail help line since change over and they have confirmed that messages sent to will still reach me, but I can longer send from it.

To give them their credit, the Premium Mail help desk were very sympathetic and did confirm that I can change my BT Premium email account to a free basic one and set it to forward messages to a new gmail account.

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Re: Missing contact emails and email groups after move to new mail layout

Thank you licquorice.
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

It appears that the problem of sent e mails disappearing every few days is simply resolved by changing your BT password!    I did that 2 weeks ago and I am now the proud owner of a sent box containing 2 weeks worth of mail. 

Unfortunately that us all that it fixed. Nothing speeded up and previous 6 years of sent mail are still missing.

I am begining to suspect that BT  failed to back up the Yahoo data before they migrated us ( can anyone believe that? )  and the servers which they have bought are just too small.  

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

"I am begining to suspect that BT failed to back up the Yahoo data before they migrated us ( can anyone believe that? ) and the servers which they have bought are just too small. "

That certainly seems likely. The way contacts can be stored on computers is complex, and its not always all within an application - but failing to get us to back up before switch over was criminal - it's something you'd do if you were updating your email system. It's up to them to cut over the stored message data, however. What's interesting is that using an email client and IMAP - where the messages are still on the BT Mail server, things work very swiftly, and accurately, and just as you'd expect them to. Which makes me think that the underlying structure may be sound, its the software which runs the Web Mail service which is 100% flaky. Maybe I've been lucky, I move sent mail to appropriate folders daily, so there's very little ever stuck in there waiting to disappear. As far as contacts are concerned, many of the ones I lost I recovered quickly using Thunderbird - that identifies in any message chain any address not in your address list - just clicking on it will put it in your list. Using the Web Mail app is of course not so easy!
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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Hi guys,

any help on the below ?

When I try to forward an e-mail , I've problem with the message format : the corp of the message it's all mixed up.

Like the following : I hope this mail will find you well .<br>
I’m finally ready with the entertainment/sport deal that I’ve mentioned last time .<br>
I’d like to share the preliminary info with you and have your thoughts <br>

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td width="3" bgcolor="#888888"></td><td width="3"></td><td width="3"></td><td><br>



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