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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade



Since the original upgrade I have had difficulties in replying ‘to all’ when copied on a group message, and get the following error message:

‘Invalid mail address, must have a domain part [Err code: 501]’

To fix this I have deleted all those copied in the group and re-typed the senders address, having previously checked all of the addresses and confirming that they are all correct. No one else in the group has any problem with ‘reply all’. I’m losing the will to live on this, but any ideas?

Have a look at this thread. It may be relevant

In future, if you have a problem you are best to start a new thread as things posted on this thread tend to get lost in the quagmire and make follow up replies to an individual's problem difficult to follow.

Despite the early flag on the referenced thread that the problem is resolved, it is clear from the BT expert's last post here (on 15th September) that at least some elements clearly aren't. But he does ask anyone with the problem which is not yet covered by some of the explanations (but not always 'cures') to contact him with screen shots.

The problem is that there is so much wrong with BT Web Mail (and so many different threads) that finding one which is relevant isn't always easy. That in itself may be sufficient condemnation of what has been going on so far. 

But this particular thread is certainly huge. 

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

OK, thanks for that.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

Just horrendous. I want the old one back. Why oh why have they messed with it. I can't think of one positive thing to say about it.

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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I don't 'like' the new system, but the one thing that really bugs me is my list of contacts. Even under the old system, in recent years, items have disappeared then reappeared. Or if I tried to delete an old email address a new one would go too. I wouldn't dare try to edit the current list, but many names are there in name only but without their email address, and that is  the important part to see. Some I can pick up by searching old emails for words I know will be in them, but that doesn't always work.

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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?


Ever forward! This morning, we appear to be on v2.17.3 (up from v2.17.1). Have no idea what has changed, but still no notification of receiving a 'new' email whilst logged in - maybe next week, eh?

Nothing I can see.

Every single bug is still there, causing irritation, delay & frustration.

A bit like how I've been told it'll take 13 days to fix a fault that's knocked out my town's broadband - meh; its up north & rural, so of no interest to the money men...

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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?



I'm running an email client.

It downloads the webmail inbox to my system every few minutes of the day.

Therefore if webmail puts an incoming email into a spam box I will not see it.

Which nicely demonstrates why running an email client is assuredly NOT the fix for this continuingly abysmal service from BT.

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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?

BT say, in one of their myriad of help pages (subject to change?) that IMAP is recommended if you are using an email client as it regularly synchronises with the BT mail servers. Also, IMAP allows spam filtering whereas - to quote BT - "We're sorry but we no longer offer spam setting customisation for customers using POP."

It may be of use to some to read BT's article on BT mail's anti-spam "features":

So, you see folks, we have been pushed into this sheep pen by BT and told indirectly "Well, it's never going to be the same as it was before but, if you read all the information we put out, we're sure you will be OK and adapt."

Now, that's real customer service using F.O.F.O. manuals. Sigh! 😥


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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?

My other half was updated many weeks update came this morning.

'Compose' then start to type an email address the autofill offers all the possible email addresses except the obvious and most used one. This one has to be typed in full!

Dare I ask if there is a fix to actually recover the full list?

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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?


I think I noticed this EJB when all this mess started. If it came to you this morning, it may take awhile to synchronise.
If you are using a browser rather than a client, you may do well to keep refreshing the browser page. This reconnects to their servers. I noted that, for awhile, I could not delete emails without a page refresh and I seem to recall not all my contacts being available.

To quote from Stephen King's Dreamcatcher - S.S.D.D.

Welcome to the house of fun.

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Re: Welcome (back) to Yahoo - not quite?

Thanks will try that.

I did actually join the thread on page 65 but with only a few visits since.🙂