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Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

I have this same problem
Seems from the thread I need a moderator to fix this, how do I do that please



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Re: Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

Hi @Mcwellie

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for your post!  I have moved your post to start your own discussion as the thread you had posted on has already been marked as solved.

I am sorry for the problems you're having moving your email address over to your broadband account.  Have a look at this link first of all and let me know how you get on:  Can I move my BT email address to another account?



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Re: Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

Hi Mcwellie

I sympathize with your situation. This all happened to me 2 years ago. As you say the intervention of a moderator seemed to sort the problem for me. I assume the moderators are employed by BT-please correct me if I am wrong.

I refer you to my post of Nov 2020 which I assume you have read. Good Luck, Mike

"on ‎24-11-2020 21h30

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Re: Hi @mikeswift sorry you haven't been able to move over th...



One of the moderators,David, has corresponded with me privately and has managed to link my existing email account with my broadband account and switched off the billing for the premium email. For this I am grateful. However it has not been entirely without effort on my part. Contacts with BT chatline and phone lines to no avail. Nearly 20 messages on BT community forum. Various messages privately to moderator.

This was a trivial problem-to switch off my premium email- I really feel this should have been managed by BT from the outset.

My moderator has agreed to keep the thread open until the next billing cycle to confirm that all necessary changes have been made.

My advice to others would be to try and get a moderator involved at the earliest opportunity-they seem to know how the system works and sort out problems at the BT end-Thank you"

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Re: Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

Hi yes I have

it seems I have the same issue as the person in that tread, which is why I latched onto it

when I log in I get a option at the top right to effectively switch between two accounts on the same login and this seems to prevent me from importing the email address in as mentioned in that other thread.  I have tried multiple times to import the email and keep getting error saying it can’t do it right now 


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Re: Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

If you can do that it would appear that the email account is already associated with your BT account. 

Are you using the same MyBT and BTID for your BT Broadband account and the BT Premium email account?

Have you logged onto your MyBT for the Premium email account and checked via Your Products > Email, manage to see what status the email account is showing as?

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Re: Moving email from Premium Mail to Broadband account

yes it is the same login but there  is no way to manage the email account for bills and payments the tab for  this disappears when you switch into it

BT have just suspended my email account because i know owe them £15

was going to just pay it so i could get emails as need them urgently (even though i have  been overcharged £7.50 a  month for years  and pay them £60 a month for sport and broadband)  but i can't even do that as it is like this account is ghost, when i login it is just a second tab to my main account with no  way of paying for that account as no reference or  anything.

this seems to be a problem that others have faced and only been resolved by mediator, going to try and call BT in the morning but i can't really do it in work time

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