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Moving emails to subfolders via's webmail

Desktop/Laptop: My webmail changed to the new format a week ago.  Since then, what a challenge it is moving emails from inbox to subfolders.  If you use the drag method, you need to make sure the subfolder is already showing in the left hand folder menu before you can drag, because the folder of the subfolder will not expand while you hover over it!  When using the 'move to' option on the top grey bar of your email window, it's even more of a challenge - it takes me on average 20 attempts to get the email into the subfolder!  It's almost like someone's playing a game at the other end!  I have read a similar thread where replies indicate it's a browser issue.  I dispute that.  I use Edge mainly, but I have the same issue on Firefox.  In any case, why should I be forced to change browsers?  I won't switch to outlook.