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My BT Email Format has changed overnight


overnight the format of my BT email has changed. I have tried going into Settings and my Profile but there is no option to change back to the old format.

I hate the new format….there doesn’t appear to have any option to sort by Date/sender etc and the emails are not displayed fully….it is awful 

is there anyway to change it back ????

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

There is no way to change back.

If you click on the "From" and or the "Date" in the menu bar at the top of the email list you can change the way it  lists the emails.

If you single click on the email it will open in the preview pane that you can scroll to see the whole email.

If you double click on the email in the list it will open in a new box that you can enlarge to a full web page either by the normal way of clicking in the square box next to the X at the top of the box or by dragging the box corner to enlarge it.

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

I woke up this morning to find that my email format has also changed.

In doing so all my personal Folders, and all of the associated email messages stored in them, my Sent messages and Draft Messages have all disappeared!

I have just spoken to BT Technical support who says it possible the email email application will not work on my Mac laptop Pro15" that I bought in about 2017. It's too old or the BT Email application will only work on the latest system software. My Mac is running Big Sur.

Not very happy about being advised to shell out £1800 for a comparable new laptop.

The problem has been passed upstairs for further investigation but without access to my folders  and their I'm absolutely (you can guess the word I used!)

If I now have to purchase a new laptop do I send the bill to BT?

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

Of course you don't have to buy a new laptop, just use a different mail client.

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

Thank you liquorice,

I think you advised me to try Thunderbird email client in a reply you sent to me when I was having problems with my Folders loading when logging into the old version of BT web mail.

I did investigate it but with limited computer know how I wasn't confident that I could set it up. 

If my Folders are not showing on this new version of BT webmail  I'm not sure if they could be accessed via Thunderbird if the root of the problem according to BT is the Bug Sur operating system that would be supporting the Thunderbird application.

I will have another look at it though as I need to access some older emails in a Folder for an important meeting next week.

Many thanks for your advice.



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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

Mine too!  and I hate it.  Why do they make changes when people haven't asked for it?  Just someone trying to justify their job.  Please BT give us an option to revert to the old format.

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

It's rubbish and a complete waste of effort on someone's part. 150,000 of us were transferred today to this new format and no way of reverting to the old format. Why the coloured squares? I use email to communicate. I do not need to be rewarded by coloured squares with the initials of the senders in them. When I try to scroll down it jumps to 2023 emails if I am not really careful. If it was not such a headache to move to another email provider I would do so right away. I hate it! 

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

Oh for goodness sake, you don't need to move to a different mail provider, just use a mail client instead of webmail. I really have no idea why folks insist on using a web browser for email.

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight

Sorry I don't understand what you are suggesting. It would be very helpful if you could go into more detail please. All I know is that I sign into to BT which brings up my BT internet email messages. I reluctantly have a gmail account but don't use  that except rarely on my phone. I don't want to have to change my email address from the BT one so I don't see how I can do anything other than accept these pointless (in my view) changes BT have made. I am not a novice by any means but if you could explain a bit more I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you

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Re: My BT Email Format has changed overnight


You can turn of the "coloured" squares by going into the settings found by clicking on your username at the top right then click on settings then Mail in the left hand column then untick the box "show avatar in the message list".