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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Quite a few years ago during one of Apples OS upgrades many of the programs were revamped and in particular their email client called Mail. I didn’t know it was going to be changed and I didn’t particularly like the new layout. I liked what I had because I new where everything was and just how it worked. After a little while of tinkering I had it customised back to pretty close to what I had before, and of course it still did the same job anyway, collecting the mail. Nowadays the only thing that’s constant is change.

The next Apple OS upgrade will see everything 64bit, in other words any 32bit programs I have will be out the window, unless they are upgraded. Even many Apple programs that are now un-supported but still run will be out the window. The same thing happened quite a number of years ago when Apple changed from PowerPC to Intel. I lost a few useful programs then. Nothing stays the same, not even us!

One advantage of an email client is you have the choice to use it and/or web mail if you want, particularly if it’s set up using IMAP, as one mirrors the other. The best or worst of both worlds!

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Re: New BT Mail Layout


Looks like we have two threads running parallel to each other , both with over 500 posts, could these be merged ?

Re: New BT Mail Layout


Re: New BT email page changes

Maybe then if , "He who must be obeyed" , within BT realises the true scope of things , maybe changes will happen?




 Must apologise to  ChrispyB  as no malice was intended , it was all " tongue in cheek " , hence the 😉  next to my name , I do realise that the  " Great British sense of humour " is in decline and didn't take this into account before hitting the Post button.


Must also apologise to 

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

I was not upset with your post, I totally expected that somebody on the thread would reply negatively to the post as that usually happens when somebody posts that they have no problems when others have been complaining and you fulfilled my expectations. Well done!

The two threads you have linked to would appear to be one and the same thread. The have been merged at some point in the past. The title of the thread does not change when it is merged hence you can see two different titles on the "new" merged thread.

If you read the forum welcome and users guild lines to the forum it will better inform you what the forum is about and what role BT play in it.

As regards your comments about being "Old School" and a man of my word". which would appear to be directed at me because I replied to a post commenting on what I had posted, I am also a man of my word and will not be helping on this thread instead leaving it for BT to provide the help however I will still reply to posts directed towards me.

You may also want to read the moderators post at message 436 regarding reverting back to the "old" interface and feedback to the BT email team.




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Re: New BT Mail Layout


Hi @Henry65 ,

Thanks for the reply and welcome to the Community.  I am so sorry that you do not like the changes that have been brought to the BT email web experience.

I appreciate that these changes have both disappointed and frustrated some customers and for that, I am truly sorry.  I do follow this thread with great interest and provide the feedback that you and other customers like you have kindly offered.

The rollout of the new webmail design started towards the end of last year and it is being rolled out in stages.  The reason for this, in part, is so that the product team can review feedback from customers and then try and make improvements to the design and rollout process before the next batch of customers gets moved over.

While I cannot offer to revert your webmail experience back to what it was, I can try and assure you that the webmail design is ever evolving and we are always trying to make improvements.  I can appreciate that it may be frustrating in having to use the accessibility options that are available on BT webmail when you don’t have to bother with this on other sites, but hopefully, this will offer an improvement.

If this hasn’t helped at all then may I suggest you try and set up an email client?  I know this may seem daunting especially if you have only ever used webmail, but the process is straight forward enough and if you run into any difficulties there are many experienced email client users here on our community that would be happy to talk you through what you need to do.

I can start that off by offering a help article which will tell you all you need to know in setting up a mail client, please see this link, Information on setting up BT email via an email client

Henry65 I am very sorry that through the changes we have made, you are feeling frustrated, that certainly is not our intention.



You have simply failed to answer the questions about how this was actually tested. Who did the testing? Were end users involved? Do the people that change these things actually use BTinternet email, or are they simple coders that "like" what they do?

Again, get the mail team here to explain themselves.

If it's management, get them here to explain themselves. No one here cares whether they have told senior managers how good the system is - get them here to tell them how bad it is. Management don't care do they?

I know of people that don't use forums, but have spent hours on the phone to the totally useless helpdesk - some of them saying that a user's browser is obsolete.

The very nature of the forums is typically negative, but surely the size of this thread is clear to show how appalling this change has been for users.

I expect most users actually only use webmail, so it's going to affect a lot of people.


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Re: New BT Mail Layout

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

@Andy_N  have you had a chance to try the new layout, as I thought you were still on BTYahoo. As stated earlier in the thread, I have now had a chance to see it for myself and I seriously don't see what all the fuss is about, it works just fine.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

I think you will find that the "fuss" has a lot to do with the way it was done and for the solely webmail users who had to try and figure out what the hell had happened to their e-mail service overnight. Yes, I can use it, but I represent someone who has found it a very trying experience. I've learnt over the years to fully explore webpages and check out the gear (settings) icon, or the three bars, or the three dots, right clicking in certain areas and so on, but for paid up customers of BT who dip in once a day to see if a relative has sent some holiday photos, it has been an unwelcome user experience and it's time BT admitted they got it wrong. But, of course they won't.
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Re: New BT Mail Layout


@Andy_N  have you had a chance to try the new layout, as I thought you were still on BTYahoo. As stated earlier in the thread, I have now had a chance to see it for myself and I seriously don't see what all the fuss is about, it works just fine.

Not seen it, as I am indeed on BTYahoo - but naturally I've seen the chat about it, and heard about it.

Of course, many folk may not like change, but the amount of complaints about it surely can only indicate there are issues with it for a lot of people.

My questions are still valid.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Sorry to see gg30340  go,  especially since you have provided help on the forum from day one.  Perhaps BT will now have to provide someone to answer all the disgruntled customers.   It is  not good customer care to dump a new email product on users with no warning.  I did tell gg30340  that we were all Beta Testers, which gg30340 disagreed with.   Sean has recently admitted that we are Beta Testers and  is it just the few posting on the forum that are the Beta Testers.  Is the hundreds of thousands an accurate figure ??  BT  have made amendments since December 2018 but of course they see no need to inform their Beta Testers of the changes they are making.  The BT attitude is that customers can just struggle on and work things out for themselves.  A total disgrace and shame on BT who have to be classed as the most irresponsible company in the UK. 

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

I am not leaving, I am just going along with the wishes of some of the posters that they feel BT should be assisting them so in view of that I will not be helping on this thread.

I will repeat that you are not Beta Testers. As with any new user interface/update  there can be problems when it is introduced to the wider public and in most cases they problems are addressed when this happens. You only have to ask Microsoft about that with their 1803/1809/1903 Windows 10 updates.

As has been pointed out previously the "update" has  been rolled since December 2018 in batches of 50,000 users. Even if that is only one batch per month since then I'm sure you can work out the numbers that it runs into hundreds of thousands.


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