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BT Email changes

This morning I went into my BT mail and find that the format has all been changed.

Why ???? I can now no longer file emails in folders as when I click on folder list it promptly vanishes.

Do BT pay IT "experts" good money to just wreck a previously good system ?

Even reading emails and atachments are a problem. Emails take forever to download to the BT window.

Can I revert to the previous format ?


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Re: BT Email changes

The changes are in response to previous feedback . It’s unlikely you will be able to go back to the previous layout . You could use a client like Outlook or Thunderbird
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Email changes

If you are referring to the recently "updated" User Interface for the BTMail email system as against the BTYahoo email system, you can not revert to the previous UI.

This has been an ongoing roll out over the past few months and as such there are already a few posts on the forum about it which may or may not help you navigate your way through it. If you have a specific problem you should try a search through the forum. The answer will probably be there.

This is a link to one such post.

I would agree that the best option is to use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird because as well as many other advantages you do not have to use the BTMail User Interface.


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Re: New BT Mail Layout

I have a Macbook Pro (mid 2012) I have always used Firefox (65.0.1).

I have 4 BT email addresses and now can't switch between them in Firefox.

I am now using Safari (12.0.3) and I can log in from Google to my primary email address - no problem.

When I then try to switch to another email address sometimes it works and sometimes it takes me to BT's email log in page. If I then log in through that page it takes me to my primary email address, but then I don't have the option to switch to any of my other BT email addresses.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

New Email layout is complete rubbish.The headings are so dim i can just about see them and i am also partially sighted.There is hardly a difference in new emails and read emails too so this needs to be addressed.Also friends agree that the new system is a lot slower and life i thought was stay in the easy fast lane.As my street is mainly on Virgin and it is wired in to my hse my options are there.....So lets get back to the old EMAIL FORMAT and and stop someone trying to justifing his/her job 

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New Email Layout

Why oh why has the email layout been changed.  Not only is it more difficult to read, folders open instantly which you don't want and because of the purple band at the top you have to scroll down the page on a laptop to be able to see everything.  Please change it back as this is absolutely rubbish or at least give us a choice like you used to.


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Re: New Email Layout

I agree the new layout is rubbish, so much for it being slicker and better as advertised.  Are we not the customers, I did not ask for any change nor do I want it changed.  I want it to go back as it was, perfect.  Complained yesterday on live chat and was dismissed in a flash by Answara or something like that, with no resolve.  Complained again and chose to hear back with a telephone call between 5.00pm and 8.00pm well that never happened either.

All the rediculous little symbols on each very faint e-mail are just annoying, when I open an e-mail from E-bay I have to re-click to see what it is as there is only  a little box with a x in it.  Printed off an e-mail from E-bay as I keep a record of purchases and it was so small I could hardly see the name and address of the seller to send by cheque for the purchase.

Who decided that something that is not broken should be altered and who decides that the new format was great, slicker, better.  Who decides that the paying customer, not cheap for anyone, should have it altered and greatly annoy the paying customer.

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Re: BT Email changes

""I would agree that the best option is to use an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird because as well as many other advantages you do not have to use the BTMail User Interface

This sounds like you have also given up on what was once a half decent system ?

Most annoying thing now is when you try and open an email to read it, it comes up in a new window so all other tabs are hidden from view..


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Re: New BT Mail - the old one was bad, but this is worse.

I didn't like the "old" BT email - it had some very strange foibles, and gave the impression it hadn't been tested by anyone who had used any email system previously.

But in the words of the song 'you don't know what you've got till it's gone' - this new software is dreadful!

It isn't streamlined, nor easy to use, nor is it easy to find emails you've written or received.

It's very complicated to move emails from one folder to another. SO many keystrokes to move emails! And some drop-down boxes require a click, whereas others need just a hover over them, and if you accidentally click on those, the whole string of keystrokes is lost, and you have to begin again. Frustrating.

I'm on a PC so have a fairly large screen, but still have to change widths of columns or they overlap, as without this I cannot choose any of my own folders, as their names are overlaid with other stuff. And if I swap between my various logins, I have to do this each time - it isn't retained. The ability to hide the advert pane is good - but it keeps coming back, every time I move a column or swap between logins. Tiring.

I could go on... but is anyone listening??


My main problem is the construction of a new email. Who designed or tested this? Why does the cursor return to prior to the beginning of my message, if I stop typing for more than a couple of seconds? I don't touch-type and have to look at the keyboard, so I didin't notice during writing my first email this morning. It was completely scrambled by the time I looked at the screen. I tried editing it, but that made it worse, as I can't type fastert than it returned to the beginning! I tried to make a copy, to edit in a word processor, but it wouldn't let me do this. So I wrote it in Word and pasted it in a new email - it inserted line breaks in my sentences, and many new lines between my paragraphs, but all at random, some bigger than others. And, of course, editing the gaps out of the pasted email was still fraught with my pauses - resulting in the cursor going back to the top of the page. It makes an email look as though it has been typed by a donkey. I couldn't send a formal email with this new system!

Has the new email software been approved by someone who works for a competitor of BT? It doesn't endear me to BT.  I can't really work out why I'm still using BT email.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

I'm having similar problems.  As soon as I start composing an email after a few words it takes me back to the beginning of the email.  I go back to where I should be and after a few more words it does the same again.  Also it won't let me open any attachments I make to an email.  Sometimes I'm not sure if I've attached the correct item so I double-check.  This so-called improvement is not an improvement.  Plus it is so pale!