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Re: BT Email changes 19.2   cannot stand windoze 🙂  Yes Firefox, but happens regardless of tabs ... It is poor code... purple 'thing' pops up after a couple of seconds after the sign in box..

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Re: BT Email changes

Over 1 year on and 711 posts since we first responded (see post 2) to the notice introducing the 'new' format and many others are still commenting on how something that worked was 'fixed' when it was not broken. We struggle on and have given up documenting the various hassles we have using the 'new' format - Please revert to Classic and give all fellow contributors a Happy New Year

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Re: BT Email changes


I work with Linux and Windows. The most stable, solid computers I have is are Dell Studio 2012 vintage running Ubuntu 12 something, all 32-bit and a 64-bit PC running Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18 something. But for day to day heavy spreadsheet and coding work, I use Windows, mainly because Office works nicely most of the time and a lot of other stuff is simply too much hassle  to set up on Linux. I've tried all the Libre Office stuff and it just doesn't cut it.

Where Windows does fall down is that it jis ust too complex as evidenced by the monthly updates that spawn yet more problems. I hate Windows updates with a vengeance - I do everything I can to delay the evil day.

Going back to the mail business. I don't think it's half bad, now, and from what I can see, I would be hard pressed to see what could be improved. It's clean, free of ads, does everything I tried.

My ladyfriend who first brought the changes to my attention, and who hates anything more technical than a lightswitch, now copes nicely with BT mail. Mind you, she has no choice as the mention of mail client will bring the walls down.

Having said that, you have to wonder why BT introduced the new look thing in the first place. Probably £50 prize in the suggestions box, just like the new, sleek, clean looking logo/icon thing. I wonder how many ad agencies that went through. Next it will be GPO

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Re: BT Email changes

It ain't ever going back to "classic". Too much time and effort has gone into what you have and it would admitting defeat.
As far as BT are concerned, mail is an add-on that they have to do but they would rather not.
As I said to Oldles, I think it is acceptable for something provided by a commercial set-up. BT can do what they like, but they have made changes and personally, I think it is as good, if not better, than the "classic" format.
Where I will agree, is that it has been a long, difficult struggle to get to this point.
Updates and upgrades are meant to be improvements, building on what you had before, but not in this case
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Re: BT Email changes

I just posted on the BT web mail"Feedback" tab on the sign in page .. about the jumping / clearing as it opens,, expect it will be fixed now..
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Re: New Email Layout

I'm with you. Mine have just been renewed. I hate it, it's very inconvenient. I have been with BT even longer than you, since 1980's.
I think it's a waste of our money and is totally useless.
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Re: New Email Layout


Tell us a bit more what the problem is.

Is it the new web e-mail layout?

What do you mean by just renewed? The e-mail layout was changed quite a while ago and was not good to start with but has been improved. It's not renewed, but it has been updated/upgraded. Not everyone would agree with that though.

If you are a BT broadband customer, you get e-mail free of charge so it can't really be a waste of money. Your BT monthly charges cover your landline, your Internet connection and they throw in e-mail.

As many others have said on this subject, if you really don't like the web e-mail, try one of the e-mail handlers like Outlook or even Microsoft Mail, assuming you are using a recent version of Windows.

If you don't like BT mail, you can always try something like Google Mail (G Mail).

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Re: New Email Layout

You say the email layout changed some time ago. However, mine had only just changed when I contacted the forum.

I am still having problems, and although you say change my email address if I'm not happy.  I cannot change it.

I do have a secondary email address, but my main one is the BT one, and that is the one registered with all the important organisations that I use, including my bank. I am 73 years old and prefer to not have to contact dozens of places just to change my email address. So I am obviously stuck with it.  Until such time as BT have so many complaints that they find they need to rectify this and hopefully go back to the system that was working.

 I am still unable to do so many things with this layout, that were very straightforward on the previous one.  Maybe you can tell me how to remove the signature from the bottom of every email I send, I should have done it on the system that I knew.  The signature is no longer needed, as the group is no longer going. Thank you if you can help.


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Re: New Email Layout

The best solution (which is probably suggested somewhere in the 70-odd previous pages in this thread but I'm not about to look) is to use an email client such as Thunderbird. Email clients are the right tool for the job and generally leave webmail way behind in design, user-friendliness, efficiency and security.

You can click the thumbs up icon below this message if you think it was helpful.
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Re: New Email Layout


You haven't yet said what the problem is, other than you don't like "it"

If you look at the thread, as Pottyperson says, is now well over 70 pages long, just about every problem has been covered.

What is unusual, and hopefully a moderator will throw some light on, is why nearly 18-months since the "roll-out" of the new BT webmail (notice UX in the URL address line), yours has only been upgraded/changed/whatever, recently?

A friend of mine in much the same circumstances as you, first brought this to my attention maybe a year ago which is why I took an interest. She is a technophobe and hated it. She now uses the "new" webmail without a problem.

I don't use BT webmail very much and as Pottperson suggests, I use a mail handler like Outlook (others are available)

When I do have to use BT webmail, I really can't find much to fault it. It's a lot better than it was originally (when first changed). It does what it is supposed to do and maybe you need to explore some of the settings and once you explain the specific issues you have with it, others might chip in with some solutions.

You could always try BT Customer Services - some people have got some useful advice, but hopefully, some of the problems have lead to improvements.

BT provide you with the means to access the Internet - they are your Internet Service Provider. As a service, they provide you with free e-mail address and a means to read and compose e-mails. I doubt that in the heady world of live streaming, films, sport etc., providing e-mail services are ever going to be more than a basic service.

I wasn't suggesting that you ditch your established e-mail address altogether, but if things got to the point where you found it unusable, you might have to, but I don't think that should be necessary.

I use a couple of BT addresses and a couple of Google Mail and Hotmail addresses as well. Sometimes security settings ask for a secondary e-mail address.

You raise the problem of a signature. I'm not aware of how you introduce signatures in the first place, but presumably, if one is added or inserted, there is generally a means to remove it. Maybe it was generated somewhere else like Word.

One thing is for certain. If you are using BT mail in one of the web browsers, it isn't going to revert to what you might have used until now. The bottom line is that as a fully commercial, privatised service, BT can do what BT likes

For what it's worth, here's what I use.

Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 1909

Firefox web browser - I find it the best of all the offerings. Microsoft Edge (replaced the now unsupported Internet Explorer) consumes too much memory. Chrome is OK, but there is too much Google stuff on my devices.

I generally get to the mail by using the My BT homepage, then go to the e-mail tab that sometimes needs a new log-in. You can personalise it quite a bit by changing "panes", "views", etc. Do keep a note of what you are changing before you do it, so you can go back a step.

Good luck

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