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New BT Mail

I keep getting messages , allegedly from BT, about keeping my email address. It giives me a link which goes to "Hostinger Group" and I see no connection with any email service?? BT says it is sending messages bur claims to be using a company called Critical Path.


Any ideas anyone?

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Re: New BT Mail


Firstly I would like to make you aware that during the changes BT Retail are doing to their email service and other services that Spam/Phishing and malicious emails may be received claiming to be from BT Retail. Make sure the email is genuine and is actually from BT Retail themselfs. Don't click on any links that are not Genuine.


Go to for more info on Phishing emails.

However the official proceeding are stated as below:

IF you ARE a current BT broadband customer, then your email service will be migrated to the New BT email system provided by Critical Path. There is no current date as to when BT Retail will start migrating current BT broadband customers to the new email system.

Go to for more info. (This link is for Current BT broadband customers)

If you are NOT a current BT broadband customer then to keep you BT email account(s) you will need to do the following:

1) Get BT Broadband
You can do this by going to here:

2) Move to BT Premium Mail

It will cost £1.60 per month by going to here:
you just need to upgrade the primary email address to Premium Mail and all your subaccounts will automatically be moved. Up to 11 separate email addresses are covered. The primary email address is the first one you set up when you joined BT broadband.

You will need to take on of the above actions before September 16th 2013. For more information please go to (This link is for non BT Customers who still have a BT email account but are no longer customers)

Hope that helps,

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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