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New BT email Login screen.

Okay so now I have to put up with the old and login screens finally routing through a BT login screen but really BT can you not get the login screen sorted so its more user friendly, IMHO that is.

Is there any reason that I cannot set my email to hold the screen for a longer timeout its very annoying looking at an email going away for a few minsutes and having to type it all in again The old yahoo only login allowed me to set keep open on but now I have to keep relogging back in on a desktop that is not have any wifi issues. 

If I leave my access for anyreason I logout myself or I make sure my security is not compromised.

I'm guessing its a KISS thing but really its a pain in the asrse having it logou in midstream or worse when I look away to followup on an email and then comeback and have to go throuhg the login again.

Please don't suggest I use anything other than web version as I need to be able to access email from a number of systems and can't be arsed leraning a number of different systems when the web system works for for me, sort of.

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