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New e.mail issues

I'm having huge teething issues with this new e.mail layout.

1. How do I move an e.mail to a folder? There doesn't seem to be an option to do this anymore

2. When I search for an e.mail by a word in search bar it finds the e.mails but I can't then open them?? Only delete 


Please HELP it's driving ne nuts.  

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Re: New e.mail issues

To move an email to a folder you can either drag and drop it into your chosen folder or single click on the box to the left of the email in the list, this selects the email and then go to "Move To" in the menu bar above the list and select where you want to move it to.

When you search for and find an email you should be able to open the email by either a single click or by a double click on the subject. Sigle click will open the email and a double click will open it in a new page.

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Re: New e.mail issues

Thankyou for your response. Unfortunately none of those 2 solutions work on mobile version (haven't checked desktop version) The old e.mail set up never had any issues previously moving e.mails in mobile version. 😞

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Re: New e.mail issues

It would have been helpful if you had said you were using a mobile version.

With the mobile version select the email that you want to move then click on the three dots at the foot of the page and it will open a menu box. Scroll down to "Move To" then select the folder you want to move the email to. 


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Re: New e.mail issues

Sorry 😞 (I'm new to this page)
Unfortunately once I've selected a single e.mail those 3 dots magically disappear. They're there beforehand but I still can't press them anyway.
I'll try moving everything by laptop instead until BT fix all teething issues.
Many thanks for your help 🙂
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Re: New e.mail issues

Try turning your phone to landscape mode and it may reveal a folders icon. If it does, click on it and it will give you the option to move the email to your chosen folder.