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New email problems

Absolute rubbish.
I can barely read the screen, the contrast is even worse when it eventually opens a mail.
Click on a mail item and sit back and wait while it ponders how to open it.
Delete an item from my inbox on one source and it still shows on my laptop albeit that I deleted it an hour earlier.
Try and delete again and the screen freezes with error message.
Opening draft e-mails,opens the item. One would assume that you could continue to write, oh no, instead it asks if you want to continue to write, waste of time whilst it transfers to another screen, completely unnecessary.
Start to type the e-mail address of the recipient, auto fill struggles to find the contact.

Previously, if I had suspect mail, I used to be able to hover the cursor above the item and read the true sender address.

Two weeks to resolve, BT, and then I'm off. Nil points.

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