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No option in [Manage Extras] to add BT Email

I only just signed up for BT yesterday and have been trying to set up what I can and add all the Extras I want, but on the "Manage Extras" page I don't have the button to add BT Email, there's just nothing there.

I have BT Cloud, BT WiFi and Web Protect enabled, I can see  on each of them the green square that says "Active", and below that the associated links.   Parental Controls has the "Add Extra" button available, but in the Email, True Key and Virus Protect sections there is nothing there at all, it's just blank.

Will they appear later on when the order gets progressed more, or is there some error here preventing me from seeing them?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: No option in [Manage Extras] to add BT Email

They will become available once your order has fully completed. However, unless you have a burning need, I wouldn't recommend setting up any BT email addresses or using the virus protect.  The BT mail system is very flaky and the McAfee anti virus is a resource hog, there are better free offerings out there.

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