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Re: Not receiving any mails in Spam folder


Can I please add my concerns on this issue.

I also, very unusually, have a completely empty SPAM folder - and it appears that 2 very important emails from my MSP (Member of Scottish Parliament) that have been sent by him have disappeared into the ether.  One sent 25/02 the other 28/03.

I have just spent over 30 minutes on the phone to BT's helpdesk, they are obviously totally unaware of this issue.  Firstly, they were of the opinion that the MSP must have sent the mails to the wrong email address - his secretary has now successfully forwarded his replies to me and they were both correctly addressed.

Secondly they didn't seem it strange that instead of getting 40 to 50 actual spam mails diverted to my spam folder per month there are now ze ro

Apparantly the matter has now been escalated to a section in Calcutta ( I should have been contacted within the last hour but haven't been).

This has clearly been happening to other BT email users for months now - how is it that nothing appears to be being done about it?  It is annoying when genuine emails land in the spam folder - but completely unacceptable that they disappear entirely.


The problem is that questions were levied at Simon (BT Mail expert?) about all sorts of things, and he said it's improved, less complaints etc - and that was in this and similar threads over a year ago. At the time I was unconvinced. BT have consistently ignored and denied anything is their fault.

BT are totally hopeless and useless with regard their email systems.

Your best bet, as is everyone else using BTinternet email, is to use something else. Get a Gmail account and move away from an ISP mail service altogether.

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Re: Not receiving any mails in Spam folder

... it seems something has now been changed for my email ... after over a month with absolutely nothing going into my spam folder I'm starting to see mails going in there - which now gives me the final decision as to whether they are spam or not - which of course is how it should work!

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Re: Not receiving any mails in Spam folder

I am getting the same issue: no spam email at all, and I strongly suspect good emails are being dropped in the process.

BT support have been spectacularly useless. Attempts to have them escalate the problem have been met patronising statements and offers to raise a complaint.

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