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Not receiving email from

I can send email to address but unable to receive any messages. As if a BLOCK has been added. Not going into junk

Spoken to BT who dismiss the problem & cannot assist. ??????

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Re: Not receiving email from

Just done a brief check of that domain using mxtoolbox and a few things have cropped up which can result in emails from that domain not being delivered to a @btinternet email address:


1. No SPF record has been implemented.

2. It does not seem to have a DKIM signature


The two techniques are used along with other perameters to identify spam, none legitimate and unwanted emails and a email sent from a domain that does not meet the standards of having these techniques implemented can result in those emails being penalized and may therefore be disregarded/rejected by the server.

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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BT Email Expert
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Re: Not receiving email from

Just to add to jac_95's answer...


When you send from do you get an error back from the mail server? Generally if an email is rejected the sending mail server is sent a message with the policy that has failed, some mail servers/operations teams ignore these errors others take action and some pass on to the end user, so it isn't definative that you would receive a message from the BT postmaster but if you did please post it (remove any personal info) as it will help diagnose the problem - not having an SPF record is likely to be a problem for most receiving mail servers these days (if eircom don't have an SPF record - it is trivial to spoof their email addresses so they are likely to be targeted by spammers and phishers trying to find routs through spam filters)




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Re: Not receiving email from

I am in a similar boat. 


Since the end of January this year (2017) I have been unable to send or receive emails to 'eircom' email addresses.


BT have been absolutely useless.


I contacted BT for help and after rather too many calls over two months BT have effectively washed their hands of the whole thing. My issue, that did become a complaint, eventually resulted in me receiving an email on 27April from a member of BT's Executive Complaints team giving me the 'brush off - not my problem guv'.


Why can't/won't BT work with other ISP's to resolves issues like this?


What a shabby way to treat your customers!!!


In the meantime I contacted Eircom/eir and forwarded BT's comment of 20 March on the problem. Their intial response on 5 May  was .............


Quote "Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue, the details in the attachment are exactly what is required for us to escalate this issue and get a resolution. Unfortunately, for the moment there is nothing that can be done to help. The issue at hand is indeed related to SPF records. email services doesn't use SPF but BT, Yahoo, Hotmail & others do and therefore there is a 'clash in interests' with respect to email traffic. Emails being sent to and from and (& others) are not being delivered. We hope to have a resolution soon and will keep you informed of any updates. Thank you." Unquote


 .......... seemed quite positive, but since then NOTHING, despite two chases


What can poor Joe Public do to get these corporates to sort their respctive messes out?


From BT Executive Level Complaints on 27 April


What we’ve done
Regarding your issue of emails from your @btinternetcom email address being blocked by Eircom, we’ve checked at our end and we are satisfied that that the non-delivery is not failing at our end. We’ve explained will need to chase this with the receiving ISP and have them invoke the change. This is something that we don’t do. I’m sorry that we are unable to assist any further with this issue.


This is our final position on your complaint.

From BT Support on 20 March


Please find below our supplier’s response on incoming emails sent to you from –


“ From the log we can clearly see that the e-mail sent by "" domain was failed due to SPF fail and the originating IP "" was blacklisted by three of the organisation. Kindly contact domain admin and set up valid SPF record and remove the black list of the originating IP and try again. Please refer below log.

20170207 14:02:36 588A5B3A0F0F0B8E policyIN_RBL_GEO_AVAS/MAILFROM/ruleIN_spf SIEVE LOG SPF MAIL FROM FAIL 2 - from <> <> (IE)
20170207 14:02:36 588A5B3A0F0F0B8E policyIN_RBL_GEO_AVAS/MAILFROM/ruleIN_many_spf_fails SIEVE LOG SPFFAIL-LIMIT-IP-MEDIUM-DISCONNECT <> <> (IE)
20170207 14:02:36 588A5B3A0F0F0B8E MAILFROM SIEVE SMTP_DISCONNECT 421 Too many messages ( from un-validated IP address: Please add a SPF record to your DNS or ask your Broadband Provider / Domain Registrar to do this, we will be unable to deliver email until this is done due to the volume of email being sent from this IP address. Guide for bulk senders
20170207 14:02:36 588A5B3A0F0F0B8E SMTP closing connection with host “


The outgoing emails also seems to have failed due to the same reason (IP address being used by is blacklisted by three other organisations and an invalid sender policy framework).

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