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Older emails disappear

All my mail prior to 24 July is no longer there.
It doesn’t matter which way I access my email:
- the outlook client on my pc, where it is set to not delete
- webmail where the settings are set to maximum - show 999, have tried safari and chrome.
- mobile client On my iPhone, where the settings are retain mail on servers

Rang and chatted to BT support, couldn’t get anywhere sensible. surfed and see it’s not an uncommon Issue but don’t know what the solution is.

I think I have BT mail not bt yahoo as yahoo doesn’t recognise my email address.

I get mail free through my btbroadband.

Appreciate any assistance the community can give.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Older emails disappear

You need to check and find out for sure which email system you are on because it makes a difference regarding deleted email recovery. Just because Yahoo does not recognise your email address does not necessarily mean you are on the BTMail system.

If you are not sure you should log onto your email account via webmail and look at the BT logo. If you see Yahoo in the logo you are on BTYahoo email system.

If you are on the BTYahoo system have a look at this link

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