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One of 4 BT email addresses will not send - does receive.


A newbie to this forum here, hope someone can help. One of my 4 BT email addresses has stopped sending messages (last three days),  it does receive messages, the other 3 work fine, and all 4 addresses have EXACTLY the same server/properties settings.

Using Windows Live Mail as client.

The problem address, receives fine from different ISP's, it just won't send using WLM, if I go direct to BT Web mail and use the problem address it works OK. (my 3 other BT addresses work fine in WLM & BT Web mail).

Have tried the following:

Installed Outlook, still does not send messages.

Set up account on another PC, still does not send.

Used a different Network, still does not send.

Removed account from WLM and setup again, still does not send.

Tried all possible Port/SSL/Authentication options.

It would appear that the SMTP server has suddenly taken a dislike to that particular address, POP3 incoming works fine.

Really loathed to abandon this particular email address, had it for years and it means something to me, let alone all the contacts/accounts/logins that would have to be changed.

If I had had any hair in the first place, it would be gone now !




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