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Organizer by OtherInBox

I've been using Organizer by OtherInBox for years to automatically send emails to specific folders. (  Its a good product.

Yesterday it stopped working and when I try and login via their web page (uses my and email password to link to my email) I get a message saying an error has occurred.

Has a BT Yahoo mail change caused this, or Organizer (who I have an open ticket with).

Anyone else had the same problem and got any suggestions on how to fix?


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Re: Organizer by OtherInBox

I'm in the USA and I'm having the same problem. My Organizer was slowly not working correctly for a few months and then stopped working altogether for my Yahoo mail and I cannot sign in to the OtherInbox and I can't sign up for a new account either. I sent screenshots of all problems in a request for support I made 12 days ago to Organizer and I have not received any reply at all. On their web site there are some other comments in the "Community" section that others are having this problem as well for a few months. It's not acceptable that they are not replying to the request in a timely manner and nothing is working right for many people and there is no press release or anything about it that I can find.

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Re: Organizer by OtherInBox

When I raised a support ticket I got the following slightly confusing message:

"We are terribly sorry to inform you that due to changes in Gmail's Terms of Service, we are unable to continue service for Unsubscriber, Organizer, and Email to PDF for Gmail users. All Gmail user accounts will be deleted on March 31st at 11:59pm CST.
Gsuite users, however, will still be able to use the application.

In addition, we will be discontinuing support of this application indefinitley, effective immediately. Questions submitted to support will no longer be fielded by our team. If you have any questions or issues while you use [application], please refer to the FAQ for the app you have questions about:
Unsubscriber FAQ:
Organizer FAQ:

We are sad about being forced to remove your account from our system. If you would like to continue using any of our applications, feel free to either sign up via Gsuite, or with a different email account besides Gmail.

Your friends at Unsubscriber, Organizer, and Email to PDF"

Do the bits I've bolded suggest the whole product line has been discontinued/ is no longer supported for any email provider?  But then it says use any email than a gmail one...confusing.

What do you reckon?

PS I've now set up rules in my email application on my PC to part replace this functionality.