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Outlook Client cannot connect to server

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Hello all,

Help Please. I have my outlook client configured to use IMAP with server '' and port 993. Everything has been working well upto last night. Got up this morning and i cannot get emails. It keeps coming up with the password dialog box. I enter the same password but the box still comes up and i get error when trying to download emails saying it cannot connect to the server. I have tried webmail with the same details and webmail works okay. Called BT but the guy insisted there was no problem their end. Even after changing passwords it still cannot connect to server. Something is definitely wrong or maybe they have done something to the ports etc. please any suggestions?

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Re: Outlook Client cannot connect to server

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If your email account via your email client stopped for no apparent reason but was still working via webmail on a web browser there is obviously nothing wrong with your username or password.

It is not unknown for this problem to happen and the best advice is not to make any changes or delete and re-set up the account as that invariably causes more problems than it solves. If you do nothing the problem usually resolves it self in a day or two.

Because you have changed your password you could try the following.

Make sure you use the correct settings as per the BT link

and you are best to set up the email client manually rather than using the email clients automatic set up.

Stop all your email clients from trying to fetch your email. Change your webmail email password even if you have already changed it. Check it is working OK in webmail.

If it works OK wait at least 30 minutes to an hour before trying to set up your email client using the new password. If that works move onto your other devices or email clients one at a time checking that it works before moving onto the next one.