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Outlook error message 0x80042110

Since the outage earlier this week was fixed, I can't receive any emails in Outlook.  Webmail and on mobile are fine.  I used BT chat this morning and was promised a call had been booked for between 4 and 6pm - no call received!  I rang and was eventually put through to the right department with my complaint reference.  Well, the poor guy spent about 90 minutes clicking and changing just about everything with absolutely no result at all.  In the end, he said it was a Microsoft problem and I should call them (it wouldn't cost me anything!).  I told him cost wasn't an issue, it was the frustration of not being able to use Outlook!  He ended the call then.  Very helpful.

What's even odder is that my OH can receive and send through Outlook - also email but I can't.  It is driving me to distraction.  I've Googled this and come up with all sorts of tekkie advice about deleting this, that and the other but am not very tekkie minded.  I've checked and rechecked all the settings going from BT and Yahoo help pages but to no avail.

Is there anyone who can help me?  I do hope so.  Thanks


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