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Outlook not receiving messages from BT Yahoo inboxes

I see this question has been asked but I didn't see an answer that really worked. We have a new PC since July and managed to get all my old emails (though not my contacts) onto Outlook 2010. New messages came through fine from our BT Yahoo addresses until last week. Now nothing is. On opening Outlook we eventually get a message 'The Internet Fax Service requires Outlook 2010.' We don't need an internet fax service, and we do have Outlook 2010. Go into File/Info and there are two messages in red, one saying 'You must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Hotmail Connector to continue using this e-mail account' and the other claiiming that 'Upgrade is in Progress' and that it might take 15 minutes!  We don't have Hotmail accounts, so I don't get why we would need a Hotmail connector anyway to get emails from Yahoo.


Is this a BT issue or a Microsoft issue?  We still get our emails online but Outlook is easier.  Any further ideas, please? We don't have Thunderbird either (not sure what it is, tbh, but it didn't seem necessary before).

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Re: Outlook not receiving messages from BT Yahoo inboxes

Sounds like it is a Microsoft problem rather than a BTYahoo problem. Outlook is the new name for Hotmail so it may be an update because of that.


You could use Thunderbird email which is similar to Outlook.


Link to Thunderbird

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