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I am unable to open Outlook on my PC (Windows 11), when I click on it, it buffers for a couple of seconds and then nothing happens.  I also had a problem logging in on my phone and tablet (both android), at the moment:

PC - as above

Phone - working ok now

Tablet - get message doesn't recognise server or something like that

I have updated password, de-installed Microsoft 365 and re-installed and it worked for a short period but has gone off again.  It's really annoying, can anyone help me please?

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Re: Outlook

It is probably a BT server problem. The best advice when it happens is to do nothing, especially do not change passwords or delete the account from your device as that can cause more problems than it solves.

The first thing to do when it happens is check to see if you can log on to your email account via a web browser. If you can there is obviously nothing wrong with your password or account hence the advice to do nothing.

If the problem did not resolve its self after a day or two or in your instance where you have deleted the email account from your device you should stop your other devices from checking for email. The easiest way of doing that is to turn them off if you still have the account on your device or add a couple of characters to the email address so that it is not checking your account. If you have deleted the account and it is no longer on your device do not try and add it at this time.

Once you have done that, change your email password and check that you can access your email via webmail (on a browser).

If that works you should wait at least an hour to allow the servers to sync and then add the new password to your other devices  remembering to remove any characters you may have added and again check it works. If it does then move onto the next device if you have one.

When entering the settings, make sure that in the Outgoing server you do not use the "use same as incoming" for the email address and password. Enter them manually.

The settings you need are here.

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Re: Outlook

Thank you, will wait.
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