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Outlook2010 - mail problems on laptop

Please can anyone help me?  I managed to set up my laptop to pick up my bt mails.  It worked fine but then I got an error message (sorry can't remember it all) but found a solution.


This advised that I remove my account and start again, so I put in a new account (same details but a new one) removed the old account and now I am findng that I don't receive all my emails!  They appear for a few seconds and then disappear, they don't go into the junk folder and they don;t go into the inbox.


Fortunately I have set up the account to leave a copy onlinre and pick them up on my main pc, however, this is now driving me demented, and shortly I will need to use the laptop to pick everything up.  Where are they please?


I have checked, even had the laptop and the pc right next to one another and checked each page of the account setup.  I am using outlook 2007 on the pc and 2010 on the laptop.  Whilst not an IT boffin, and my knowledge will probably fit on the perfonation of a postage stamp, I am usually fairly competent at sorting these things out.


I really don't want to phone for help as the last couple of times the phyone calls have lasted twice as long as they should because of language problems, don't get me wrong, everyone tries to help and their English is better than my Gujerati/Punjabi etc, but it can be difficult for someone with a strong lancashire accent to undertstand and be understood.


thanks in advance - I will stop banging my head against the wall now as it hurts:)

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Re: Outlook2010 - mail problems on laptop

Same problem here, Outlook 2007 on PC and 2010 on Laptop. PC works fine, but BT (Yahoo) Mail servers will only permit me to read my mail using Outlook 2010 - IF I AUTHENTICATE VIA THE BT-YAHOO HOME_PAGE FIRST !


I have wasted hours on-line with BT Support Enginners (and I pay for their support) but all they can tell me is "It seems to be problem with the Yahoo 'authentication servers' and they told me they had referred the problem to Yahoo".


Well What a load of bolderdash!  Attempt to get the matter escalated to Yahoo engineers (if they have any) have fallen on stoney-ground. BT engineering seem to have lost interest.


 The sound you hear is me tearing-up my contract with BT and dashing off to find a truly business-class provider:

 - One who doesn't 'outhouse' (sorry outsource) their e-mail service to a micky-mouse outfit.


Thanks you and good-night!



.... by the hand of the WingNut43
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