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PC Email problems

PC ( Windows 7) shows Error 800ccc0F on Live Mail with no changes to settings at my end? Any idea what's changed? It's been working fine for years and this has only occurred in the last few days.  Email is working fine on my mobile.

I've tried REPAIR on Live essentials and also changing Outgoing Mail Port (SMTP) from 465 to default 25 but no change.

SSL is ticked on both in & out and Incoming Mail is POP3 on Port 995.

Suspect a change at BT  but don't know which settings to adjust.

Any help would be much appreciated.  

Regards. Odd Job.


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Re: PC Email problems

Why would you suspect a change at BT when your mobile is working fine?

There are no settings to 'adjust', they are the same as they have always been.

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Re: PC Email problems

As has been pointed out, if your email is working on your phone and presumably to fault find you have checked that you can log onto your email account via a web browser and assuming it is working the fault must lie with Live Mail.

The correct settings for Live Mail are as per this link.

BT Email server settings | BT Help

Microsoft stopped support for Windows Live Mail in 2017 and it could pose a security risk so it is advisable that you no longer use it. 

You could try using a different email client such as Thunderbird which is kept up to date and is relatively easy to set up. 

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Re: PC Email problems

Hi, Thanks for your response. Because I saw some comment about now only using IMAP or POP3 settings for both incoming and outgoing mail. My mobile doesn't use Live Mail.
I'll check the link kindly supplied by gg30340.
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Re: PC Email problems

Hi, Thanks for your response. I'd assumed it was something to do with Live Mail settings and will check the link you've provided. I'll also try logging onto web mail which I rarely use. If no joy I'll try Thunderbird.
Many thanks.
Odd Job
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Re: PC Email problems

Hi, Sorry about delay. Everything checked out and the problem turns out to be with an AVG update. Disabling AVG temporarily allows Live Mail to function normally again. AVG are looking into it and I'll report back once cleared.