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PSA - iPhone & iPad "Cannot set up using SSL would you like to try to setup without SSL"

Users have been encountering the following problem when setting up email on iPhone and iPad devices. The error message states that you "Cannot setup the account using SSL" and asks if you want to try to setup the account without SSL (Which would be DUMB!)

Early checks seem to show a correlation between these specific devices and the fact that they are connected via WiFi when trying to setup the account.

So far I've had a 100% success rate with dropping off the WiFi to 4G and then retrying setup or in extreme cases, tethering WiFi only ipads to mobile devices for setup. In other cases a reset of the hub has yielded the same result.

I feel this may be linked to a self signed certificate that may be installed on the router (correct me if I am wrong please tech wizzes).

This may also point to why the server reports as unreachable in some instances so if you get problems syncing mail on these devices can you also attempt to drop off the wifi too please? 

If you have been encountering this issue can you please try these steps and let me know how you get on please?

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