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Password reset/change during migration [Problem and solution]

Hi all,


I would like to share a password change problem I have encountered, and some remedial steps to resolve it during the migration from Yahoo Mail to BT Mail.


I am a relatively new customer (less than a year) and I have a ABC@btinternet BT ID and email account name. I recently received an email informing me of the pre-requirites for the migration. I have attempted to change my password since then which resulted in being effectively locked out of my account. I tried all of the usual remedies ranging from clearing cookies and browsing data, to different browsers, deep virus and malware scans, to a completley new installation of the OS (Win 7) and even using a Linux distribution.


After logging in via the BT main portal email link, I attempted to change my password via the account settings page. This appeared to be successful, and a confirmation email was received via previously set up forwarded address, which would also indicate this assertion. However, after logging out, I was unable to log back in with neither the new password, nor the old. Any attempt to reset using the lost password wizard resulted in the same initial indication of success, but ultimate failure to log in. This is rather counter intuitive.


After several hours of live chat and telephone conversations with the help department, it was found that using the BT main page to initiate a password change for the email service was at fault.


There is an alternative using the Yahoo ( sign in page to initiate a password change/reset, and will work as intended. Exactly the same user experience, ie wizard completes and confirmation email, but this time the change will come into effect when logging in from the BT main page.



If you have found this after already being locked out of your account (which is very likely to be the case) simply go to the Yahoo sign in page and enter your old password. You will then be able to access your account settings to change to your new one. Similarly, a forgotten password will work from here too.


Things to look out for:
Some of us are under what is dubbed a "mierge journey" and this appears to be at the root of the problem. If the URL for a "Forgotten Password" contains something like


"... /managepassword/merged_consumer_journey/forgottenpass ..."


Then you are probably in the same situation and this advice should apply.


Thanks go to the help team for thier tireless efforts in uncovering this issue, and please reply with any ommisions or other suggestions/situations that will help others and I'll ammend/add to this post.


Do not use the BT email sign in link when changing or restting your password.
Do use the alternative Yahoo sign in page to change or reset your password.

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