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Periods when emails disappear

I have had 4 periods of several hours, up to 14 hours on one occasion, when emails sent to me have disappeared. I know 100% as these have been from an organisation that sent them to multiple recipients and I have seen the exact time sent, with me on the circulation etc.... I have been on the phone twice to BT for more than an hour on each occasion and the only answer given has been that I have too many e-mails in my inbox. It was over 21,000, simply because I thought it was fine, i wasn't aware of any limit. However, I don't believe that is the problem, how could that happen just at random periods ? Why have the emails disappeared without trace ? Surely they should arrive eventually ? BT can't help, so who can ? I am currently setting up new e-mails with other providers and everyone wants to know what is wrong with BT !! I have 2 BT email addresses and it only happens on one (not sure though I just have no evidence on the other) but it's the one with the new layout that's the problem! Is this a co-incidence ? The new layout is rubbish and it makes me wonder why on earth BT have imposed an inferior layout and system - it's outrageous !

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