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Phishing emails

2Sorry email board didn’t come up. I wanted to warn people I got a potentially very nasty email this morning which I sent To the government phishing report address. Didn’t know BT had a phishing report email box. Sorry, Today is a Saturday and Christmas Eve so most offices etc. are shut. Checking would be difficult.  The email purported to tell me I was entitled to a grant for gas and electricity. As I already have received the OAP winter fuel enhanced allowance and like most people the monthly one is being applied by my supplier I thought this was odd so I screenshot extracts on my iPad and then I clicked on “reply”, Obviously I didn’t click on “send” but a very strange email address came up so cancelled and forwarded to report @ phishing (etc). There was an acceptance link in the email and can send the screen shot to Bt if wanted. The address it came from was - “Bernard @”. I have put 2 gaps in so it doesn’t create a link. How mean to target OAPs just before Christmas. I do seem to get more emails on my BT address than google or iCloud, I would add, some quite sleazy. 

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