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Please Can anyone Help me setting Up BT Emails on Mac & iPhone - Not working :(


Wonder if anyone can help me with my email problems...

my bt internet emails stopped working on my mac so I deleted the account on my mac and tried to set it up again. It came up that my password was incorrect so I went through the web page and created a new password.

Every time I try to set up my emails on my mac to open my mail in the normal mac email program it will not allow me to set up my email.

When I got to set up my emails I click on 'other' to set up the email but as soon as I enter the email and password  but when trying to verify the account I get an error code "cannot get mail' the username or password '' is incorrect.

I have had iphones and my mac for years and never had an issue before trying to put my emails on the application

If i go onto bt website and log onto my emails there it works fine but I can now no longer access my emails set up on my phone, ipad or mac.

I have spoken to BT technical help desk and they are only interested in if I have an issues accessing my emails via their web page and not with the other programs.

Very frustrated as my iphone emails was working fine before I re-sent the password and now I am stuck having to log into BT's website evert time I want to look at my emails.

Can anyone give me any other suggestions on how I can access my emails without going on BT's website... and is anyone else having the same issues as me?! 😞

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Re: Please Can anyone Help me setting Up BT Emails on Mac & iPhone - Not working :(

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately this seems to happen a lot, an incorrect username/password reported from an app/client - and the user tends to do a couple of things, change password and delete/re-add the account on the app.

Neither of those things should really be done, since access usually returns after a few hours or even a few days - without changing anything.

Please check your settings very carefully in the apps/clients, don't let it auto-configure. Make sure the password is set correctly - and in some cases may be in more than one location in the app.

For the username login, make sure it's the full email address.

Have a look through here :-


Now, when you did change your password, you needed to wait at least 15 minutes before trying apps/clients - this usually means stopping them polling every few minutes if set.

It may need a new password again - turn off auto-polling, then after waiting 15 minutes, alter the app settings - checking all locations that may need changing.

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Re: Please Can anyone Help me setting Up BT Emails on Mac & iPhone - Not working :(


thank you for your response

I actually used the guide on BT's help guide that advised me to change the password because there is known errors!

The password is correct as I changed it on friday and I can get into BT's emails on the internet fine. but I cannot acess it any other way i have deleted all email accounts on my mac, iphone and ipad.

I bought a new iphone 3 months ago and had to set up the phone and was able to set up the emails in mail then but something appears to have changed.



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