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Premium email once BT account cancelled

Moving to fibre provider, cancelled BT contract ceases 15 November, wish to keep BT email accounts, 5 of them.

When do you enter into Premium email contract? Before or after cessation of Bb and landline contract?

When ceasing contract I asked BT to ensure we moved to premium but tracking cessation order shows no mention of premium email.

Called BT twice now, after 35 and 42 min on hold to confirm order is in place I am hung up on and conversation ends.

Thanks in advance fir any advice

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Re: Premium email once BT account cancelled

Have a read at BT Email products 

To order Premium

  1. Log in to My BT
  2. Click on Your Products > Email > Manage


What you see next depends on why you're switching:

If broadband has been cancelled you'll see Move to Premium email. Click this and place your order.

If your email was set up by someone else with BT Email you'll see Move to Premium email. Click this and place your order.

If you're on Basic email you'll see Upgrade your email service. Click here, choose Buy Premium email and place your order.


You'll get an email within 24 hours to confirm your order. While we're switching your account to Premium you'll be able to use your email as normal.


Need a hand? 

If you don't have a BT ID or you don't see an option to move to Premium, you may not be able to get it.

For help or to cancel your Premium email call 0808 100 6778, Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm.

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Re: Premium email once BT account cancelled

To be clear does that message only appear when managing email once the account has been closed, because I read that instruction on MyBT last week, logged into my account, nav to manage email and there was no option to upgrade or move to premium.

As the main bt account holder I do not want to lose my prime email account nor those of my family members?

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Re: Premium email once BT account cancelled

Tried again just now  MyBT, your products, email manage, server now states unable to process request then blank screen.

Returned to select broadband or landline to manage and those selections work fine?

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Re: Premium email once BT account cancelled

As far as I'm aware, the option to take up Premium Mail only happens after you have left. You won't lose your addresses as they will automatically be downgraded to Basic Mail when you leave in any case.

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