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Price Rise Email Disappeared (Recalled?)

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone else has seen the behaviour? (and before you ask I am an IT Professional (software developer) so I know what I am talking about).

Yesterday (12th Feb) I received an email from BT detailing the inflationary price increase that I shall be incurring for my broadband product from 31st March 2024 - as we all explaining how the line rental saver shall be applied for the last few months of my remaining term (as it is now a discontinued product). Apart from the unhappy news of another price increase, all is well.

However within a few hours the email disappeared. I have my own Exchange Server so I know I didn't delete it by accident as such emails remain recoverable for months afterwards and it does not show as deleted. It hasn't been marked as spam and moved into that folder either or been 'archive' accidently (another Exchange Server function).

The only explanation is that BT recalled the email (and because I use Exchange and not something like Gmail) the recall succeeded. Perhaps they are trying to gas-light me and make me think I am going mad lol. @BT have you recalled it?

Has anyone else received an email detailing their price increase in the last few days and/or seen that email disappear? 




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Re: Price Rise Email Disappeared (Recalled?)

Strangely enough, whilst trying to get my Fibre Broadband fixed (since 30th Jan with no result so far) I noticed the same email it only arrived this morning dated 13th and this is the 14th and I think it was a price increase of £3.95 or thereabouts. You can imaging my delight as I'm getting no Fibre Broadband service at all and they want more money............................. FFS


and yes I suspect they have withdrawn the e-mail as I cannot find the email now.

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Re: Price Rise Email Disappeared (Recalled?)

Well the mystery deepens - spoke to BT today who confirmed an email was sent to me on the 12th - the one I saw that magically disappeared and they agreed to resend it - which arrived promptly but had an issue with displaying the pound sterling symbol throughout. 

I’ve been onto my exchange server admin portal and requested a message trace log for the period to try and get to the bottom of what’s happened. Emails can’t just disappear!

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Re: Price Rise Email Disappeared (Recalled?)

Like many huge organisations there will be an element of organised criminality within the company.

They aint going to admit it however my last tete a tete with BT in 2023 caused a flurry  of spam to my private email address.

So add in some tech wizards and some harvesting of data that you can sell, and you have the perfect crime. 

The missing email is concerning as it is probably 2 weeks too early for BT to inform us of yearly price hikes. !!! We will just have to wait until the real email arrives or not


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Re: Price Rise Email Disappeared (Recalled?)


I got my price rise email yesterday 1st March 2024 but when I click on any of the many links they all give an error message.

This site can’t be reached. Check if there is a typo in

Its not disappeared yet , although I'm fairly sure I got price rise email last year that had no price rise info that then disappeared. 


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