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Problem downloading file attachments from emails

Currently using Windows Internet Explorer Vs8 provided by BT Yahoo but unable to download email file attachments no matter how small - even an 8K work doc. Box shows "Getting file details" with a flying document but nothing loads no matter how long I wait! Had this problem with Vs 7 so loaded Vs 8 - It was ok for an hour then problem resumed. Internet speed on computer is OK. Have Windows XP Home.

Can anyone advise me how to solve this problem.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Problem downloading file attachments from emails

Hi CliveMB,


Welcome to the forum.


Are you trying to download the attachment from your BT Yahoo email account?  Can you please try and download the same attachment via BT webmail instead of going through BT Yahoo IE8?


Type in the following URL


You will need to enter your email address and password, this will give you access to your emails.  Try and download the attachment again?  I am just trying to rule out the cause of the problem being BT Yahoo IE8 as there have been a few issues with this.


Once you try this please drop me a post to let me know how you got on?




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Problem downloading file attachments from emails

I am also having this problem with email attachments.  I have tried signing in through the webmail service rather than yahoo IE8 but still can't open any attachments - is it my security settings?



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Re: Problem downloading file attachments from emails

I am also having the same problem.  Any attachment will not download.  I am using Chrome, I have also tried webmail to the same effect.  I can forward the e-mail to another provider and receive the attachments.  This has happened before, the last time I ended up switching from IE7 over to Chrome to fix the issue.  This really needs to be fixed.

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Problem downloading file attachments from emails

Try using this log on.


It could be that you are using an old log on page.


I presume you are using Windows XP as you are still using IE7, you should consider at least updating it to IE8 because of security issues with older browsers or to keep using Chrome which is more secure.

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