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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

Working again Wednesday morning.

No changes made at all here. Just had to wait for BT to get their act together.

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

Problem back for me this morning.

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

Are those experiencing problems having trouble with IMAP, POP3, or both?

IMAP seems to work for me with no issues. POP3 I had to completely recreate the profile, then it worked... how long for, is anyone's guess.

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

I only use IMAP. Mine resolved itself a day later. Something skew-whiff is happening somewhere.

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

And here we go again, and again. ....

All been OK since the end of November, I get the forum emails informing that some poor soul is having problems again and hope mine keeps working.

Sending and receiving email this morning untill 11:00, and then the dreaded Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it appeared with the word  'Error'.

I have an iPad, Galaxy android mobile and a Windows 10 PC,  and all informed me that my password is incorrect.  I rang BT and was asked to delete my iPad email account and open a new account.  I said OK, but how will that get my PC and mobile working again.  Just to satisfy her I did as she requested , with the anticipated result.

I was then informed that she would raise a complaint and somebody would call me after the weekend.

I am contemplating updating my Password, but in November that resulted in not being able to access the change password page, open 'my account' on, BT mail, iPhone email, email on my Galaxy mobile, BT sport,  etc etc. 

I could wait until BT resynce their servers and it all works again, but I'm not certain that that will happen and I could be waiting forever.

It really is about time BT sorted this out.

Cheers Noel

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly


Mine is working today (Friday) and has been OK for probably over a week.

The fact that yours is not working but mine is, means that the problem is not the same for everyone. If there was a mail server at BT that was faulty, then surely everyone would miss all their emails at the same time. But that is not happening.


Possibly they have a number of servers handling emails at the same time and when one fails, people who are receiving from the other(s) still get their mail.


BT needs to find out which one is faulty, and fix it.

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

Was off main e-mail all yesterday until late evening, came back, then gone again this morning and not back yet.



Webmail works, 


Seems all accounts bar 1 are POP3, and random ones periodically refuse to connect / say wrong password... and has been said hundreds or times, then sorts itself out some time after - 12 hours - 3 days in my experiance.



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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

I have had this problem for at least 2 years. I have 2 POP3 mail accounts, accessed through Outlook (Office 365) on Windows10, and also through an ipad and a Galaxy S6, as iMap.

Both accounts stop in Outlook with the send/receive error several times a week - but with no problems on either the ipad or S6. But my "getaround" in Outlook is to press F9 (the mail refresh key) , and 9 times out of 10 it works on the second try. Just occasionally it doesn't though, and I have to quit Outlook and try again at a later time. Occasionally it will read some of the mail items, and then stop with the error. Then F9 usually succeeds in getting the rest. 

There is no consistency or or pattern to the failures. Sometimes one account fails, then later the other one does. But the F9 trick usually gets it going! I've given up expecting BT to resolve it anytime soon. 

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

And overnight the BT fairy tappped her magic wand on BT’s server bank, and all was well. The nagging doubt is “for how long”

Apart from deleting the account on my iPad, and then ‘adding an account’, with the same details,  at BT’s  insistence, which of course achieved absolutely nothing, I’ve done nothing.

There is very obviously something wrong with BT’s servers, which causes them to loose passwords sometimes.  From their comments, and actions BT, are very aware of the problem and yet don’t know how to rectify the situation.

I’m assuming that those using this forum are tech savvy, we can only wonder how many who aren’t experience this problem and struggle, or go elsewhere. 

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Re: BT Email not connecting randomly

Same here - I did speak too soon last week as the IMAP and POP3 access went down.

However, all is up again but I did discover that for the old BT Yahoo mail that there is now a forwarding option available which was never there before.

As pothers have said, if you PC/Phoner/Tablet fails, then it is likely that the GMAIL 'solution' will fail as well.

On the web browser, log into your mail as usual.

Go to settings (right top side) and then 'more settings'.

Select mailboxes from the left pane

Click on your email address shown and at the bottom of the page is a forwarder option.

After enabling you will then get an email asking you to verify what you have selected.


It also looks like BT have solved the DNS issue where Windows updates were not being shown as available.