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Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

I use Firefox and was having a couple of odd problems when either initially logging in, or once logged in swapping users, however on IE 11 it worked OK, well in a fashion. Smiley Very Happy


In both cases the page came up, but with only the what's new, mail, contacts, calendar and settings bar visible.


After a bit of fiddling I found that clicking in and out of the " explore BT " arrow , top right,  just above the BT Mail logo got everything working OK untill the next log in or user change, when I had to do the same again.


The culprit was Ghostery, which I use and like, to help with internet privacy in preventing tracking cookies.


It was preventing the " Omniture ( Adobe Analytics  ) " tracking cookie !


After going into Ghostery and allowing Omniture, Mail is working reasonably well


So if you use Firefox and are having the same problem make sure that Ghostery, if you use it, or similar tracking cookie programs are allowing Omniture.


Hope this helps someone else.

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Re: Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

Well spotted!


But . . . rather than allowing Omniture free reign anwhere in your browsing, I suggest that you Whitelist the BT e-mail page so that Omniture it is only turned off for that page.

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Re: Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

Hi Jig, thanks for that.


Agreed that the whitelist is handy however due to Ghostery reporting trackers for individual pages and giving the option to switch the trackers on or off , it retains the individual page settings, I prefer to set trackers, on or off, for each individual page, then should something odd occur in the future, a couple of clicks and a page re-fresh reveals if they are causing problems.


The two on this page which are switched off at the moment are Omniture no surprise and eDigital research, with no ill effects.

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Re: Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

Hi Nantybig and Jig,


Many thanks for that solution. I too had the same problem but thanks to both of you I have now successfully allowed that tracker only fot the btmail site, and I can now access my emails.


I have registered on this community forum - I don't usually register with forums - specifically so that I can convey my thanks.

Even registering was not straigthforward. Why is everything that BT does so frustrating?


 Once again, many thanks to both of you.




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Re: Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

More thanks from me too.


The security/tracking situation as a whole seems rather odd. On the one hand we have these trackers, but like @BoBET, I had trouble with signing up to these forums due to the email verification being treated as spam. The only way to access the spam folder is via Webmail and while I was there I also found an email from BT support informing me about email security.

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Re: Problems with the new BT Mail on Firefox

If you use a POP3 mail client, you can configure BTMail to download all mail and prefix spam with "SPAM" which you can then filter on your client.