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Re: BT E Mail not working

Reporting that I cannot log in to either of my bt internet email addresses from anywhere (this link won’t load on safari)

neither can my iPhone mail app log in ( it scrolls to download new emails and an error message says Cannot get mail .. server not responding etc.)

neither will emails load on BlueMail ( error msg: sync failure)

I ONLY ever get issues when BT change their systems. I’m a very old legacy account ( I WAS a customer and then left, and have had to pay for email account  for years…)  where we’re stuck in the ether on an old server and nothing works after a major upgrade

please issue an update BT. 
I’ll also want compensation for loss of service 😡

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Re: BT E Mail not working

Can you do a quick check and see if you can login with https? You should have got a warning if that's the problem (bug if you didn't), but it's worth the check.
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Re: BT E Mail not working

There is nothing wrong with the link you have posted as in it opens OK however the uptodate link is https and not htttp as you have posted so it may be that Safari is set only to allow https addresses.

The correct log on address is here BTMail 

Have you checked that your iPhone app and Bluemail are using the correct server settings as per this link

BT Email server settings | BT Help

Have you checked on your MyBT > Your Products > Mail, Manage that your account is still showing as a Premium account and not a Basic account?

Do you have the same issue with your iPhone if you are using your mobile network rather than your house wireless network?

As regards compensation you would need to address that with the BT Premium email team 0808.100.6778 as this is a customer to customer forum and can not answer that question for you. 



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