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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes

Absolute disaster, why could they not have kept the same or as near as possible a layout to bt classic.


I no longer see the images of those who have a photo attached to their email address.


The fact that we no longer have tabs at the top,  showing which email are open, is really slowing me down, trying to move from one email to another especially if I have an email open from a long time ago.


How do we close an email? I cannot find that simple X or close this email??


When clicking the box on various unwanted emails and then clicking the delete at the top, I find that it will very often not now delete all at once, and a message ays experiencing a problem.


The layout is all so basic and like going back in time.


I am truly appalled at this disastrous and unwanted change to our email page layout.


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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes


Go to this discussion thread.

It's sitting at 169 pages as at today.

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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes

I agree, this is a surprisingly poorly designed email package which is giving me lots of grief - definitely NOT an improvement on its predecessor! Does anyone from BT  read these comments I wonder? Is it even worth noting them?  Oh well, here we go. Significant issues for me include:

  1. Very slow to respond, lots of sitting around waiting 
  2. 'Commands' visuals - e.g. reply - have been re-designed. They are now miniscule, non-standard and confusing
  3. Attachments function not as good - attached files  and pix now appear in a big clumsy bar up top
  4. Downloading docs and pix from emails is very slow and this evening did not work - this used to be simple!
  5. Multi tasking tabs have been removed, so you can't cut and paste / cross refer across emails - a big loss!
  6. You can't now move addresses across from To, Copy and BCC - you have to delete retype
  7. Universal folder for flagged items  has been removed - why?? I used this a lot to organise items to go back to when time. Now you now have to go into each folder individually and sort the whole folder using the tiny flag symbol, which then reverses date order and other random unhelpful things
  8. The email search function is poor - I am often having to resort to my ipad search to find items
  9. I managed to import my contacts but many are not automatically coming up any more
  10. View - reverts to default every time you re-open, does not retain changes to e.g. column widths

Surely some of these issues should have been picked up on user testing?



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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes

Good morning Customer3

I couldn't agree more with your comments. Sadly, there are a lot more simple faults that have been highlighted by myriad users in this forum. 

As you rightly ask, does anyone from BT actually read these comments? Does anyone from BT actually care? There is certainly no evidence of BT attending to these complaints.


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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes

Absolutely agree, complete nightmare.  I can no longer do some of the most basic things.  Just now going on to my email for the first time since 5pm yesterday,  I clicked 10 unwanted pressed delete and it says encountering a problem – so I had to delete them one at a time.  Just one example of the inefficiently of this new format.  What is going on????????

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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes


"Multi tasking tabs have been removed, so you can't cut and paste / cross refer across emails - a big loss!"  A HUGE LOSS BT please read these comments and fix....




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Re: BT's NEW 2020 email changes

Just joined this community - horrified to see the range / extent of complaints.  Much reassured to learn that I'm not alone in my despair & frustration with the new eMail system.   Surely some-one in a senior ( and knowledgeable ) position must read and take action .  I for one would be only too happy to revert to the earlier basic ( tried & tested ) systems .

I recall when BT mails were all under the Talk21. system - and much praised they then were.

The muddle with Yahoo did nothing to help, and this latest shuffle defies words.

I don't know where to go from here !   only wish I could go back a couple of weeks.