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Re: Cannot to emails in 3rd party email apps

Since the 30th Jan I am also seeing this issue on one of my email accounts.

I can send email when logged in to Webmail but I can't send any emails either via POP or IMAP on numerous devices using Outlook or the built in email clients.

It states that it sees the email as:

Error: We're sorry, but we can't send your email. Either the subject matter, a link, or an attachment potentially contains spam, or phishing or malware. Please check or edit your message and try sending it again. (X-X-X-X) ID (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

NB - I have altered the actual details and placed X's to ensure data protection for myself

Now if I try to send the exact same email to the exact same recipients from the various email clients using a different email address it goes through ok thus ruling out the Email clients and pointing to some blocking on this particular email account.

I'm not about to ring up the BT help desk as I know I will be told it is the email clients but how can so many different email clients  on so many different devices be wrong and only for this particular BT email address.

It clearly looks like so form of blocking by BT Mail based on the email address which I use to send out information to club members and also to announce events.

Hopefully a MOD can help  as they had to do on far too many regular occasions for me when it comes to BT Mail.


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