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Re: Constant problems accessing BT email via Mac Mail and iPhone devices, common fault

Apologies for jumping on the thread - if any mod wishes for me to start a new one, just let me know. It's the same or very similar issue i'm struggling (and i'm sure many more are) with albeit slightly different circs.

image1.pngUp until 24/08/19, i was accessing my BT Mail via my iPhone SE. Cue a phone upgrade to an iPhone 8 when I go to add BT Mail in the "Other" option in the new iPhone and it throws back an error as shown to the left.

So, i've attempted to re-set the password in case i had it wrong which hasn't been the case as I was still able to access the email via webmail.

I then began googling and found numerous threads like this that had been "solved" dating back to 2016 or before.

I've attempted those fixes too (old passwords; POP rather than IMAP, change p/w, wait 24hrs and then try again).

I've also been onto the Twitter team who has allegedly raised it as a "complaint" which its not really, just a nuisance, which i'm still waiting on an update from.




I've just been told by a Chat advisor that it's an Apple issue, but its clearly not as i've also attempted to access the emails from other clients / email providers (Outlook and GMail) - unfortunately, it appears that the server stops responding...




I've also attempted to do a workaround - forward the emails from my BT account to another email provider...we can't do this as BT have not updated their redirect so you can't verify the email address (still pops up as BT Yahoo in the URL).

My BT Mail is my main account (all important emails come into this inbox) so really need access to it for notifications etc.

If you can offer any assistance, i'd sincerely appreciate it!!



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