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Re: Email login


BT seem to specialise in trying to make things as difficult as possible but there is no need to put up with their email software.
Set up a free Gmail account and divert your BT mail to Gmail and you never need use BT's software again. My Gmail stays logged in and even starts automatically when my browser opens. For security, you can of course log out if you want to.  I use a Gmail address but you don't have to. The settings within Gmail allow you to select your default account and you can choose your BT address if you wish.  I have an old BT email address and my current Gmail address all working happily together.  To be sure that all is still good, I just sent a test email to my old BT address and it arrived almost instantly in Gmail.
Works on my PC and my android phone. 
Worth trying as it's all free and you can always "undivert" your email if you don't like the new arrangement.



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