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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

BT’s webmail is the worst web site or service I have ever seen in over 22 years of using the web.

Even telephone dial-up was less frustrating than all the errors and delays I experience multiple times (hundreds!) a day. It can take me over an hour to compose and send an email.

The system hangs ("LOADING DATA") while you're in the middle of typing a message, then says it cannot find the message that there on my screen. It's forever saying "SYSTEM BUSY".

This webmail has been junk since BT introduced the new email after moving away from Yahoo (which was a system that worked!).

I have BT's Infinity internet, and I've used an old Pentium PC with various versions of Internet Explorer, and a brand new i7 PC with Windows 10, as well iPads, iPhones and Nokia Windows Phones.  They all experience the same appalling clunky buggy service.

It's worse on the phone, as the mail icons just show up as plain coloured squares, with no indication of what they do.

Also, the web interface on my new PC sometimes switches at random to the mobile version (with the unreadable icons too).

The Search function is sadly now folder-specific and, on top of that, it only works occassionally.

If BT employees had to use the web mail interface for their work emails, they would have a riot on their hands!

DOES ANYONE FROM BT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THESE COMPLAINTS, or is this just a forum for customers to share their grumbles?

I've waited this long to complain, because I thought it was my old slow PC, but it's obviously something that's a cross-platform disaster, as it's just as bad on my lightning fast new PC and other form factors.


Please fix this!


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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

If you have over 22 years of using the web why on earth are you using webmail. You must know that webmail is rubbish and know that using an email client is far more secure and efficient and will "fix" the complaints you have.

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

Since BT moved from Yahoo to BT Mail last December I have had nothing but problems. Couldn't access six months of emails until very recently. Now all I get is either timed out as apparently I have too many failed log ins altho I haven't logged in once - or the main prob now is is not responding due to a long running script - then it dies on me and I have to try logging in again. "Loading data" is a constant message and if I try to do some housekeeping on my inbox - like deleting emails - it freezes and I have to try logging back in again. Spent ages online chat to BT yesterday and they couldn't resolve the problem - then they passed me over to the BT Mail dept but no one answered the phone. So I eventually hung up and am back to square one. I am going to set up a free gmail account and go from there. BT your customer service is rubbish.
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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

Or simply download Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird and set up your mail account instead of trying to use webmail.

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