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Re: Locked out of BTinternet email

Hi Robbie  or Matt-S  

BT  has done exactly the same thing to me - locked me out of my own email on the ridiculous pretext of a 'security problem' when it was almost certainly me logging in on the tube from my mobile.  
Very depressed as bt has locked me out of my own email where I have 21-years of family photos including those of my deceased parents - so it is vital that I be able to get back into my email,  I used the chat feature yesterday, they set up a ''temporary password'' which did not work at all, in fact this may have made the problem worse, and was promised a call back today from a ''level 2''  who never called back.  I said that at the beginning of that chat, I felt that BT were doing their usual big corporation and would not be able to allow me access to my own treasured memories and did not care about my personal photos and that if I had known this could be an issue would never have used BT.    

I called your email problem department today, and after 50 minutes no success - this was after no pin number being sent to my mobile phone, and ludicrous online security questions, that I am sure I did not answer 21-years ago, the BT representative promised that apparently new security questions would be posted to me in about 7-days time. 
I am completely worried now that BT has forever blocked me from my own email and my family photos (not to mention contacts).  Obviously I cannot retake photos of my parents as they are no longer with us.  I have had to log-in here using an email that I never even look at.  I just hope that whatever is posted to me works, as I have lost all trust with BT now, after decades of being a loyal customer. I honestly doubt anything will work. BT has caused me significant grief and heartache at such a heavy loss. 

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Re: Locked out of BTinternet email

They sorted mine on here thankfully. Phoning was a complete waste has they never got back to me.

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Re: Locked out of BTinternet email

Hi @Marabese,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post. 

Sorry that you have been locked out of your email account which holds some of your treasured memories.

I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team so that we can take a look into this for you.