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Re: Mail Server not responding

Hi there - replying here as this seems to be the most useful of the many threads around this topic.

My Dad uses MS Outlook on his laptop to access his BT email address, but this has recently stopped working and he asked me to take a look.  Initially I thought it was a config issue on his new LT, so today we got the old one out and tried with that too, but it also isn't working.

When it tries to SEND mail (receiving is fine) Outlook will not connect and generates an SMTP timeout message; this has been going on for several days on end and mail just never gets sent.

Logging in to BT Webmail, I can send and receive mails normally.  Then I noticed that the Manage Email page (thanks for the link in this thread!) says that my email address "Hasn't been used recently", clicking OPTIONS shows that I have 0 days left and that the address will be deleted today because I haven't used it for 29 days.  This is CLEARLY incorrect since I have sent several emails (via Webmail) in the last week.

Today I rang BT's (un)Helpdesk number and had the worst customer experience I've had in a very long time.  After taking details and confirming that Webmail works, he told me that "We only monitor webmail; this has to be an Outlook problem".  He refused to discuss any possibility of an issue with BT's SMTP server and told me to talk to Microsoft.  Then he hung-up on me! 

BT publish IMAP, POP and SMTP details for EXACTLY this type of client connection and this approach is both Supported and, until very recently, worked seamlessly.

Can you offer any advice on how to get this working again, please?

Many thanks

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Re: Mail Server not responding

I have moved you onto your own thread as the one you had posted on was over a year old and was marked as solved.

Is your father a BT Broadband customer or paying for his email account via a BT Premium email account?

When you log onto his MyBT and go to "Your Products" then " Email, manage" what "Account Type"  is it showing at the top of the page?

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Re: Mail Server not responding

I too didn't get much help from BT on this.  Then suddenly, out of the blue, I got an email from them that said they had  moved my email account to my billing address as requested (!).  Suddenly my iPhone is now picking up my emails and I can send and receive on my iPhone, however, my tablet nor my laptop can connect yet.  

I've no idea why they did this, or what difference it makes, or why my email addresses weren't already assigned to my billing account, but at least now I can see my emails while out and about without having to use the BT App or get on the internet.

Hope this helps.  I know how frustrating this is, with no help.


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