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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

Could definitely be Beta testing as I found, within half hour, the following -

Absolute garbage but typical of BT's very arrogant and un-professional attitude to customers.

Why ‘fix’ it when it ain’t, totally, broke? Total amateurs. Little continuity between the old and new system.

Have received 'new and improved' emails - BT's fatuous words, with no warning. Presumably Marketing have convinced themselves or are so dumb that they don't know any better.

A typical, arrogant as usual, BT view of what is ‘new and improved’.

Previous user settings have not been retained, e.g. having a tabsfor each email that has been opened.

Security implications – putting cursor over the inbox email address does not give a pop up showing the full email address so you have to open the mail; can be very dangerous.

Search does not work properly. Too many issues to list.

Very poor presentation and listing of emails, e.g. for inbox. No facility to give more lines per page.

Does not save adjustments to column widths.

No facility to customise columns, e.g. to delete unwanted ones.

VERY slow response, e.g. to show details of emails.

Some emails have gone missing. Seems to be a regular event.

Why do they put all senders into the contact list, regardless of whether you want them or not?

No feedback facility or proper contact facility. ‘Use BT Community’ so unwilling to do it themselves and presumably don’t review comments. Will be interesting to see if anyone from BT has the courtesy or common sense to reply.

BT Community does not use one’s BT login details. Need to set up a different username etc. What is that about?

Tried to send these comments to a survey – got message saying ‘This value must be shorter than 500 characters in length.’ But they don’t say how many characters I have used. Typical of the 3 years old programmers that they use.

MANY hours wasted by users trying to resolve issues.

These comments were written within ONE HOUR of viewing the ‘new and improved’ layout. Is obvious that they have done minimal testing and not considered security.

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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

The 'new and improved' system does not allow one to hover the cursor over the email address to check where it has come from.

One has to open the email to check - can be very dangerous and a breach of security.

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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

You will probably find that you were a BTYahoo email user and you have now been migrated away from the BTYahoo system and anything to do with Yahoo and are now on the new BTMail system hence the reason you are seeing a new BTMail User Interface (web page).

As the new BTMail User Interface (web page) has been on the go since  Dec 2018 and not just within ONE HOUR of viewing this thread perhaps you should have a read through this 73 page thread which answers most if not all of your points.

If you can not find the answers in that thread, I'm sure if you post the specific problem, rather than it being something you don't particularly like, I'm sure somebody will try to assist you.

To address your security concerns re not being able to hover over the email address and to save you looking trough the above thread. You do not need to open the email to check if it is safe, if you tick the box to the left of the email address and go to "More" in the menu bar and click you will see in the drop down box "View Source". This will give you the full header of the email including where the email originated from.

As regards your comments about the forum "BT Community does not use one’s BT login details".  You do not need to be a BT customer to join the forum therefore you would not have BT login details and not every BT customer bothers to have a BTID/BT email address.


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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

Totally agree, AlanF4, I've had virtually all the same issues.

I've had a email account for many years and have to congratulate BT for its consistency. Every time it "upgrades" its email service, they don't tell you, it isn't user friendly and it doesn't work properly. This is probably my final iteration. I haven't made the change in the past because it seemed a lot of work but eventually you run out of patiencel. And my broadband service will follow it.

This current version is a crock. It's overly complicated and clunky. More importantly, at a time when other providers' services are getting better and better, BT is getting worse, much worse. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Contacts. Frankly, most of the time it doesn't work properly and autofill is bl**dy useless. See it's even getting me to revert to bad language. It sticks, it stops, it grinds, it slows - anything but work smoothly and efficiently. I have mail go missing, so check my spam account. I haven't had any spam since this new "improved" system was installed. So who knows where it's gone.

It's so time-consuming to contact anyone at BT so I've stopped bothering. As an alternative I posted my thoughts on Trustpilot but I guess BT are too busy to pay any attention to what customers think about their service. All I could see were 1 star reviews all over the place. It seems to be of no interest to BT that the reviews on btinternet show 91% poor (5%) or Bad (86%)

It's almost as if they've got the Sky or Virgin IT departments specifying the system then testing it. It really is a poor "upgrade" and it's not the first.


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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

I really have no idea why people persist in using a web browser with a UI designed by an ISP instead of using the right tool, a mail client with a proper UI.

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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?


I really have no idea why people persist in using a web browser with a UI designed by an ISP instead of using the right tool, a mail client with a proper UI.

Never really understood why people use old fashioned web browser method for accessing emails. Any decent client email will do the job very well and enable excellent formatting of new emails, replies and so on.

I'm still using the old Windows Live Mail and I would have to be dragged away screaming if told I could only use webmail.

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Re: New, improved BT email service - spam?

No doubt they will tell you that they don't see why they should have to use an email client, yet they probably use one on their mobile devices and if they used an email client they would have nothing to complain and moan about!