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Re: Randomly disappeared emails

This is my first post. 

I access my email from my apple phone and approx. two weeks ago during the day batches of emails would not appear. I l log into my account from BT via the web browser and they are there. 

then all of a sudden, the emails stopped coming through altogether. 

My husband accesses his the same way without issue

I thought that I would delete the email account on my iPhone an rebuild it, which I am unable to do as it says that iPhone are not supported, which sure can not be correct it I am able to access other BT Email accounts. 

I tried to verify my email so that I could write this post and it took four attempts before I received an email to verify ! I also received an email today that I tried to send from a different email/address and computer to say that an email I had sent did not arrive as the recipient email server rejected the message. 

Any help in resolving this would be very much appreciated. 

PS I called support and they just said it was a known issue that was waiting to be fixed ! 

Thanks Toni 

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