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Re_sync sub account?

A family member uses two of my sub-accounts.  When she logs into the webmail interface she can see both accounts listed and can switch between them. I didn't set this up and neither did she so it must have happened automatically.  We recently changed one of the passwords so now she gets the 'account not syncing' message in the list beside the relevant account. She can log into the changed account separately so the new password is OK but how can I get it to sync using the new credentials? If I wanted to erase this account from the sync list how could I do that? Obviously we want to keep the account itself so she can log in normally. It's BT Yahoo mail. I've been into the settings menu but there's no way iI can see to change the password for re-syncing.

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Re: Re_sync sub account?

Does you daughter have her own BTID with her email accounts linked to it? You may have set it up when you gave her the two sub accounts.

I am not on the BTYahoo email service so can not give first hand info but this is how to check on the Yahoo email system.

Log on the email account that she normally used prior to the password change. Go to the settings icon and click on it. Scroll down and click on "more settings". On the left hand side click on "Mailboxes". Check to see what email addresses are included in the Mailbox list. If the one you changed your password on is there you need to click on it and change the password.

If it is not there you could add it.


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