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Receiving emails from closed account

I have been with BT for many years and I have a broadband account.

I keep getting emails through my new email account forwarded from an old address which I no longer use.

These emails were being forwarded to my new email address (not a BT one) for some reason.

All the emails are spam and I wish to stop these coming through.

I tried to delete the email address via my old BT ID but I could not get in due to an admin problem on the site (tried several times).

I contacted BT who said that they would stop the account, but nothing happened, except that I could not access the BT account, despite still receiving emails from it!

So, after several days I contacted BT again as I was still getting these emails through. I was told after lengthy discussions that BT could do nothing about it as the account was closed and they could not access it.

I cannot understand this as I am still receiving emails from this account.

Any ideas?





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Re: Receiving emails from closed account

Are you sure that the emails are actually coming from your closed BT email account.  

Forwarding would only be working if you had set up "forwarding" to your new email address from the BT email address. If you did not set up forwarding it may be that spammers are "spoofing" your BT email address to make it appear that the emails are coming from that address.

You should check the headers of the email which will show you where the email originated from.

See link

How to Read Email Headers: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Without knowing which email service you are now using it is difficult to say how to view the headers of any received emails to that account.

If it turns out that it is your old BT email account that is sending the email you could set up a block or a rule to delete or send any emails from your BT email address to spam folder.

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Re: Receiving emails from closed account

Thanks for your reply.

I do not believe I forwarded the emails to my new address as this was not an option on that account when I set it up.

Also, I do not think this is a spoofing problem as I can send an email to the address from my current email account and it still gets through.


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Re: Receiving emails from closed account

Hi @GrahameM,

I am sorry to see that you are receiving mail from your old address. As @gg30340 says, the email address may have been spoofed to try and trick you into believing the spam emails are legitimate. I'd like to pick this up and speak with our developers so they can check to see if your mailbox still exists or if it is completely gone from our servers. I'll send you a private message so you can reply back to me.


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Re: Receiving emails from closed account


Thanks for replying.

I have replied to the private message and blocked from my new email service but would still like the account to be closed as emails still appear in my junk mail.



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