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Re: Rejoining Premium Mail

If your daughter does not take up the BT Premium email service all the email accounts that are part of her BT Broadband account that she has stopped, will be downgraded to BTBasic Email.

If you read the link I posted about the BT email products you will see in the section about how to get BT Premium email information 

  • If you've been given an email address that's linked to somebody else's broadband service and now want to move away
  • If you have basic email and wish to upgrade

Once your email account is downgraded to the BTBasic email you should then be able to "upgrade" to the BT Premium email service but you will need to do this for each of the email addresses that you want to "upgrade" ie it will cost you £7.50 per month for each email address.

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Re: Rejoining Premium Mail

Just to update.


Managed to rejoin. I followed the link on the "How do I get Premium Mail"  and phoned the phone number listed. A very helpful lady talked me through the process and I now have a new account and my other half is included for the £7.50 a month.

Thanks all for the input.



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